Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sharon Stone visits Edinboro University

Sharon Stone will be visiting her old college, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (EUP). Back in the 1970s, Stone attended school here before going on to a major acting career.

While attending school at EUP, there was a rumor floating around that she used to live in Rose Hall. I never put too much weight into it until I heard it from many different sources. Not exactly the biggest claim to fame for EUP, but it was about as close to celebrity as I could ever get.

Yes, we have Bruce Baumgartner, but to me, the biggest celebrity to come out of EUP was Mister Rogers. No, he never "officially" attended school there, but he spoke at my graduation ceremony. That was big. That was bigger than big, it was huge. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

While Sharon Stone paying a visit to my alma mater is good news, the sad news in this article (after you read between the lines) is that President Pogue will be retiring this year. Bummer. He was always very nice and I felt like he took EUP in the right direction.

Thanks for the info Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Youre most welcome.

It is always so interesting to me, what impact someone can have on a child's life. Mr. Rogers had a huge effect on your life. As your parents, I am sure Dad and I never knew that when you were young. My Mom never knew how people impacted my life either. It isnt because we didnt pay attention... I just think our view of life is so different at different ages.

Maybe you can watch Bizzy through the years and see if you can see who has that kind of effect on her.... or maybe you wont be able to!