Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Family history

Why is it that "genealogy" is so hard to spell? Why can't it be as easy as "family history?"

Anyway, I've been slowly scanning what I can since I discovered the copy machine at work will scan and email as PDF attachments AND I got a scanner on my desk to use for troubleshooting issues related to our software.

Makes it a heck of a lot easier to scan here than at home.

Anyway, I found a blast from the past for all you Lesters out there. The June 1980 Lester Olympics II.

Cinda (sorry, "cinda" - must be a bad day for capitalization too), I'll be sending you copies for you to distribute among the rest of the Lester clan. Mom, you'll get a copy too, shouldn't be too large.

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Anonymous said...

I have NO idea why you think I don't like capital letters. If it's because they don't often appear in my typing, that's only because I'm a horrible typist and don't often get the shift key and the letter done at the same time.