Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Beat The Blerch Virtual 10k

Race morning was off to a good start. I heard back from a research source that I had only dreamed of hearing from. So I was super stoked to have somebody to send questions to. On top of that, everyone got out the door a few minutes early today so I actually got suited up AND out the door by 0700. Easily 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

The race was decent. The first loop I could tell I was going too fast but I was just a bundle of nerves knowing that I'd be sending my questions and hopefully getting answers for my project. The second loop I slowed down in an attempt to save some go-go juice. By the third loop I was tired and ready for the suck to be over. The fourth loop I was still tired but since I was in the final stretch, I knew I'd be able to finish with a decent time.

Along the way I saw my dad out walking. The Supervisor's wife and friend out walking. Sam from down the street waiting for the bus with his mom. Anyway, also saw my across-the-street neighbor walking the dogs (and almost got tripped because I didn't move to the other side of the street like a smart person). And there was Omar who was talking to my dad. But since I was running a freaking race, I didn't really talk to anybody. Just waves, a few quick hellos, and a holler at my dad that I'd catch up to him later.

And that was pretty much it.


Temps were about 75F. Sky was mostly clear. Humidity was moderate. Temps were cool enough at the start that my brain went "oh, it's not 120 degrees so maybe you should put gloves on." I was dripping with sweat by the second loop so clearly my brain was wrong.

Fluids and Fuel:
Coffee before the run. Plain water during the run (two small bottles). Recovery was GenUCAN Hydrate, coffee, two eggs, two slices of toast, three links of sausage, and yogurt.

Aches and Pains:
Slept funny so all day yesterday I had a pain in my neck (literally). Slept normal last night so my neck was only slightly sore today. No real issues during the run but I could feel my Ogre Toe grouching about the effort. Oh, I officially named it Ogre Toe because it's hairy and has an ugly toenail. But the shoes and the pace were likely at fault. Other than that, just a pulled hair that gave a pain and the rest of the run was fine.

Wore shorts and a t-shirt. Specifically my KR Endurance race kit (including hat). Didn't have any issues except that pulled hair. The pre-greasing probably helped.

Today's Motivation:
I knew I'd have barely any time this weekend to get the race done so I decided yesterday to just bump things up and do it today. Worked out pretty well.

Naughty Neil:
Been eating fairly well lately. Snacked maybe a little too much last night. Made crack slaw for lunch today and it tasted....meh. It was better with ketchup. Needs like a gravy to go with it. Not horrible though.

Loop 1 - 16:53
Loop 2 - 17:22
Loop 3 - 16:51
Loop 4 - 16:49
Extra Quarter Mile - 2:49
Finish - 1:10:46

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