Friday, January 19, 2007

Fraking Heroes Texting Survivorman-edited-

I'm starting to feel like Epheros by blogging at night. Maybe I should make him read my stories to return the favor.....



Aside form that, a few non-related updates (pardon while my FTL drives warm up).

- BSG (that's Battle Star Galactica) begins anew this Sunday. For me as a viewer and fan, this will be the defining string of episodes. If serious progress is not made, I will be dropping this show from my Must Watch list.

- Heroes is due to start this Monday. And unlike BSG, they have a ways to go before I drop them.

- Conquistador finally got to an action sequence. Thankfully. Things were getting a bit slow there for a moment.

- You may have encountered a person in a public restroom before talking on their cell phone. Well, today I encountered something different. Text messaging. Personally, I like this better than an actual phone call because they won't be able to hear you flush. -edited-


- I have yet to finish watching CSI from yesterday and I'm almost done with the Mythbusters Pirate special from Wednesday. Tonight is Psych, one of those shows that sneaks up on you. Subtle humor at its best.


FTW baby!!

(Almost forgot, Les Stroud is due to release a new season of Survivorman soon. Stay tuned!)


Anonymous said...

Hey hey,

Sorry I missed your posts this weekend, I got a little behind because I had boy with me and we were hanging out watching movies and playing video games.

I liked the props out to me, hehe, welcome to my world. Hopefully you'll get back on track with sleep here soon. :-)

OK, I have to ask, coz I saw this last night and thought nothing of it, but now it's in your post. What are FTL drives, external storage tapes, or something? Or, is like some Sci-Fi propulsion something-or-other?

Your mention of the TV shows reminded me of a show I missed last night that I had planned to watch, The Dresdin Files. I'm gonna have to look for the rerun on Sci-Fi channel and see if I can catch it.

Now, why is it you can't network that scanner? What kind of scanner is it? just curious, after all Tech Support is what I do.


Anonymous said...

Also, I would be happy to review any stories you have and would like to share. :-D


Neil Richard said...

FTL = Faster Than Light on BSG (Battle Star Galactica).

Dresdin Files was decent, I'll have to watch a few more before I can form an opinion on it.

And don't worry about catching up, family is always more important in my book.

As to my stories, I'll dig some up for you.

And the scanner is a Fujitsu, one that we sell and tech. No big deal if it can't be networked.