Wednesday, January 02, 2019

2019 Resolution Run 5k Race Report

It's been quite some time since I've reported on the races I've run on a regular basis. Hell, it's been quite some time since I've run races on a regular basis. I won't bore you with my theory on resolutions for the new year and will instead get straight to the meat of this post: my race report from yesterday.

New Year's Day 2019 started very early in the morning as we wrapped up the party our neighbor's hosted. Thankfully I didn't have too much to drink and William didn't puke like we did last year. Instead, we trooped home, took showers, and went to bed.

A few hours later, I was back up, slowly mind you, and after looking outside, decided it was nice enough to go run a race. When I got the paper in the morning, it was maybe 50F. By the time I left an hour later, it was about 60F. By the time I got to the race, it was pushing 65F.

I had just enough cash to register and had the pleasure of knowing many of the people working and volunteering at the race. As I turned my registration page in, one asked what year I was born in, to which I said "1976." So she gave me bib number 1976. Pretty cool!

Ditching my pants, shirt, winter hat, and gloves in the car, I opted to keep my long sleeve on under my KREndurance t-shirt. Later in the race I regretted it but I managed to make due with the extra layer.

The race itself is a bit of a double loop course that begins and ends at a local YMCA. The route is mostly paved roads and pathways but there are a few dirt and gravel sections. Which meant that with all the rain, there were puddles and mud. As we approached one largish puddle early on, I saw several people making detours around it. Nothing major, but it was clear they didn't want wet feet. Me being the nut that I am, ran through the puddle because I was more focused on running the tangents than having wet feet.

Running through puddles, and mud, would be a bit of a theme through the race. Some sections were, well, not bad but bad enough to not be avoidable. Again, I plowed through splashing water and mud on those around me. Pretty sure a few of the ladies shot me dirty looks at my back.

I felt great through the first mile. I knew I was clicking along way too fast but decided to hang on for the ride while I could. I walked most of the hills but they certainly weren't large. Only one or two were big enough to slow down most runners. As I came to the second mile, I knew I was fading and tried to just latch on to people in front of me and draft behind them. Again, I'm sure I got the stink eye when I eventually passed these people but I didn't care. I was running my own race, not theirs.

By the last mile, I knew I was fried and knew I wasn't going to get a PR. Never expected one but it's always something that floats around in the back of my head anyway. Coming through the finish I sprinted and nearly caught the woman in front of me. I think she got me by about six inches. It was close. I knew I wasn't in the running for any awards and knew passing her wouldn't do anything special for me, it's just how I like to finish a race. It doesn't matter if it's 3 miles or 60 miles, I still try to finish as strong as I can.


As I said, temps were warmer than expected. Wind was light. Humidity was noticeable but not bad. Sky was mostly overcast but the sun did come out several times.

Fluids and Fuel:
Nothing before the run except coffee and water and some Nuun mixed with Kool-Aid. Plain water during the run. Recovery was more Nuun/Kool-Aid, more coffee, and a Bacon Gouda sandwich from Starbucks.

Aches and Pains:
None really. Everything felt fine.

Wore shorts, thermal top, t-shirt, and hat. Also wore a new pair of shoes, Altra Escalantes, that I've dubbed "JAFFA."

Naughty Neil:
I ate way too much shrimp at the party. But it was so damn tasty.

Today's Motivation:
Mostly the weather. And the hope that running a race right off the bat would get me in the right mindset for the whole year.

Mile 1 - 10:56
Mile 2 - 11:02
Mile 3 - 11:31
Finish - 34:14
(Mile splits are from my Garmin Forerunner 35.)

AVG Pace - 11:00 per mile
Best Pace -  4:59 per mile
AVG Heart Rate - 167 bpm
Max Heart Rate - 199 bpm
Elevation Gain - 140.2 feet

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