Thursday, October 31, 2019

40 Years Ago Today - October 31, 1979

Although the photos were printed in December of 1979, notes on the back appear to show that it was taken in October of 1979. Specifically at the house in Hollywood, Maryland on Flintlock Court. I find it interesting how some of them have aged over time.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

40 Years Ago Today - October 17, 1979

Once again, I'm back at the doctor. This time with sores in my mouth. But the visit to the dentist went well.

Even more interesting though was a letter my dad wrote to my grandmother Dorothy (at least I'm pretty sure that's who he wrote it to). The letter was written in the evening after my dentist appointment. There's a ton of mundane details in the letter but they make such a compelling story to read. The vacuum broke so it had to be fixed. My dad was working on his car and the door to the house. Meanwhile I was enjoying my chalk board and water colors. I could also dress myself and "read" a book from my mom. I also know most of my colors. Other little details are mentioned that are more memorable to me as they tie in with things I remember as I got older. Like Merle, my grandmother Bertha's second husband. And the "new black pickup" which ended up being totaled much later in my life.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

40 Years Ago Today - October 3, 1979

On my third birthday I was almost three feet tall!