Saturday, November 05, 2016

2016 FCA 5k Race Report

My morning started out like any other morning. Shower, breakfast, coffee. Just not exactly in the order I'm used to. As I finished my shower, I thought I had better add a layer just in case it's a little colder than I expected. Much easier to take clothes off than put them on, right? So with my extra layer, I headed out the door.

And was promptly very glad I added the thermal top. I was chilled through before I got to my car and was starting to wonder if I really should just crawl back into bed. But I had paid for the race and knew I needed to get some time on my feet because I really did need a break from the back-breaking labor of insulating an attic. And un-insulating an attic. How does that quote go? "I'm getting too old for this shit."

Once at the venue, I didn't bother reading the course map since I had a general idea of where I'd be running. I knew there were no major hills involved and that it was almost all on pavement. There was one little section on grass and trail but it was barely noticeable.

I played with the idea of running in my visor but a short walk outside made me change my mind and go back to wearing the winter hat. Just too cold. I checked in, got my bib, and stayed warm in the car. Then I spent some time in the building, used the bathroom, and stayed warm inside waiting for the kids to finish their race.

Soon enough the gun went off and we were moving just to stay warm. At least I was. A few turns later and we ran through the first mile marker just as the lead runners were headed our way through the second mile marker. I was through the second mile marker soon enough and my mind began to wander. I mean, if I had worn my tri-shorts, would my "things" have been noticeably warmer? Probably not as I saw frost on several cars before I got within sight of the finish line.

And speaking of the finish line, I'm the butthole that kicks it in at the end. I only passed a person or two and just before my chest was going to explode, it was all over. At least I didn't puke. Felt like I might around the halfway point but didn't.

After the race I ran into some neighbors and an old classmate. Then checked my time and saw that I placed 5th in my age group (out of 5). Then headed to Target to meet the wife and kids. And to celebrate with a large coffee.

Temps were about 35F at the start. Maybe 40F in the sun. Sun was eventually out in full but it was so low there were a lot of shadows. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee and two slices of toast. Hammer Fizz during the run. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and a bacon/egg/Gouda sandwich for recovery.

Aches and Pains:
Since it was colder than expected, my chest was burning a bit during the run. Which made me want to choke on my phlegm. And my fingers were cold. And my nose. But otherwise, nothing really hurt.

Wore thermal top, short sleeve shirt, shorts, winter hat, and gloves.

Today's Motivation:
Feels like I haven't run in forever. And that feeling grew after the race. But I knew for my own sanity, I needed to get out there and run. Part of why I signed up for the race.

Naughty Neil:
Probably ate too much heavy food yesterday. And probably ate too much food today. But generally doing okay at the snacking and portion control.

Race Swag:

The usual coupons and junk mail and a hat. Seems like it just might be big enough to fit my giant head.

Mile 1 - 10:43
Mile 2 - 11:15
Mile 3 - 11:12
Finish - 33:40

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