Friday, January 05, 2007

The due date for our second child

Oh, where to start. Yesterday Yvonne and I went to the new OB doctor for out first visit. [For those that don't know, Yvonne is pregnant again with our second child.] The visit went well, the nurse and midwife were both nice and easy going. Haven't met the doctor yet, but he sounds nice too. They did an ultrasound and gave us a due date of September 9th, 2007. We got the standard print out of the sonogram and both of us were feeling a bit like Rachael on Friends.

Neither of us could tell what we were looking at.

The image has a black spot (the egg sac) the size of your pinky's fingernail. Inside said spot is an even smaller spot that's white and the size of a grain of rice. That's the baby. The midwife said she could see a heart beating, but I couldn't see anything moving.

I did think about scanning the image or taking a picture of it, but honestly, there's nothing to see. And even if it were scanned in, it would take some serious doctoring to get it to look like anything.

Oh, and Elizabeth says it will be a boy. Guess we'll see (and yes, we will find out the sex before the birth, makes planning a little easier). Not sure if we'll announce it or not, but I'm pretty sure we will. Yvonne isn't big on keeping secrets and I end up laughing when I lie.


Anonymous said...

oohh, oohh, I'm at work checking up on some of the journals I've missed. I can't believe I missed this one, Bud!

Congratz on the new one, it'll be great to get the play-by-play up through september. That's so cool that you already got pics of the wee one, even though they don't look like anything more than a blotch - can we say Rorschach?!

You posted on my journal about my friend T who just had her baby. To let you know, I visited her yesterday afternoon at the hospital and she's doing great and well on her way to getting out and about, but the baby, she's a little darling. For the two hours os so I hung out that baby was just quiet and adorable. I got to hold her, she's no bigger than my fingertip to my elbow and as light as a wet washcloth (if even that), and she was really good while I held her. She was staring at me, looking at my face and listening to my voice... aaaahhh, the joys of holding a baby.

Good thing I won't be having any more, my eight year old keeps me busy enough when I have him, and I know he really keeps my Ex on her toes.

Did you keep many of the baby stuff from when you (well, not you personally :-D) had Elizabeth? Like the crib, or playpen, or the spitup cloths? What about signing up for the baby registers, are you gonna wait until the ultrasound to do that?

hmmmmmm, weird! I get all excited about little babies, but I get real queasy about child birth, I think that is the most disgusting visual in the world. When my son was born, I wasn't able to watch the delivery at all, iiicchh!, though I held my wife's hand and look at her rather than 'down below". I played with the afterbirth, too, but I can't watch a child birth. Go figure!

Oh well, congratz, bro! And don't forget to keep us all updated.. and quit giggling, I know your lying! :-D


Neil Richard said...

Yes, we kept almost everything as we were planning on a second child. And I couldn't watch the birth either. Didn't want to see ANY of that stuff. Told them up front "I'm standing right here and won't move. If I'm in your way, let me know." Didn't want to cut the cord or anything. I'm a bit squeamish with that kind of thing.

Ugh. Hadn't even thought of the gift registries. More work to be done!