Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Postcard from the edge - Deming, NM

We got a postcard from my Aunt and Uncle (the families newest members of the Old Foogie RV Club). They passed through Deming, NM and sent a nice little postcard that had the Luna Mimbres Museum, Luna County Courthouse, and Historic Custom House on the front. Makes me wish everyone could retire at age 25, then work until death starting at age 45. 20 years of your prime spent wandering the US (or other countries) and enjoying life.

Google Local - Deming, NM

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Google Pages

Thanks to Google, I may need to change my underwear before I go home. They have once again pushed the envelope and made me wonder what the heck tea future will bring.

What am I talking about?

Google's new Google Pages program. Essentially, they'll allow you to design a web page and upload it. They do the hosting.

That's right, they host it. I'm not sure how much you can put up there, but hey. It's free. It's Beta. I'm willing to try it out.

Here's what I've created so far: TK42ONE

Big thanks to Google Blogoscoped for the link.

Dark Force Rising Review

Dark Force Rising (Thrawn Trilogy #2)
by Timothy Zahn

Review By: Neil Richard

Rating: 4 out of 5

Thrawn is back in the saddle and continuing to wreak havoc for the New Republic. He continues to plan within his plans, making me wonder if the Emperor gave him some extra-special attention.

Adding to the intrigue is the Katana Fleet, a long lost fleet of ships that both the Empire (what’s left of it) and the New Republic (in its budding infancy) desperately need to battle the other. Thrawn schemes and plans well enough to bring things to a head at the end of the book. He’s trying his hand at getting what’s left of the fleet while Karrde, Leia, Han, Luke, and Mara are all trying to steal (or claim) the same ships.

The space battles weren’t as exciting as they could have been, but there was some boarding party action and lightsaber fights. Along the way, Luke is taken in by C’baoth, and eventually realizes he’s not the nicest guy. Leia goes to the home world of the Noghri and earns their respect by showing them the Empire has betrayed them for years before the Rebellion even began. And, the part I enjoyed the most, was the revelation that Thrawn is in possession of some cloning equipment and has already rolled out some clone troops. Sounds oddly like the Clone Wars all over again.

In the end, another good showing by Zahn. Not as strong as the first book, but good enough to keep you occupied and entertained. And wanting more.

Available in Word and PDF.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Snakes On (the nose of) a Plane!

Due to some feedback (thanks to FreeThinker) that is so rare on my blog, I've decided to upload another SOaP image. That's right, TWO Snakes On a Plane images in one night!

Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Snakes on a Plane!

So I've taken the liberty of attempting to create my own Snakes On a Plane image. While I'm no pro at PhotoShop, this isn't too bad. It could be worse, right?

National Archives on Google Video

Google teams up with the National Archives to put NARA on Google Video. Amazing that the National Archives is willing to work with such an "outlaw" site.

Norm Abram is in town

Actually, he was in town some time ago shooting footage for The New Yankee Workshop. But, the episode he was filming will be on WETA (DC's local PBS station) tomorrow morning at 0800 (that's 8 am). Here's the link from the local paper - Fredericksburg.com - Tune in to see region shine on small screen

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Google Analytics - I want this now!

Google Analytics - A fancy way of saying that Google will track your page views, ranks, etc. This is exactly what I'm looking for for my site. Something free, something scalable, something easy, and best of all, something Google.

Gmail for your domain

Looks like Google now offers Gmail for your domain. Seeing as I have only used 5 of my offered 200 email accounts for my site, I don't see much need for this for my domain.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Google on the Measure Map again

How many times have I told people that Google will rule the world? Do I get any credit in 10 years when I apply for my Google passport? While I used to think "dropping" that my cousin works for Microsoft was cool (now my brother-in-law too), I'm now wondering if Google is the cooler place to work.

Here's Google's latest conquest: Official Google Blog: Here comes Measure Map

My prediction? In 10 years, I'll be starting my Google terminal, logging into my Google account with my voiceprint (or thumbprint), checking my email, retrieving my voicemail from my Google cell phone, and watching last night's CSI: Des Moines on Google Video (that I recording using my Google DVR box that's built into my Google HD holographic projector).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mom makes the page!

A paper in the local area of my mom did a one-page story on her and her business. I'm so glad to see her getting some press.

February Snow

We had another February Snow that left us with a good 9 inches. By sundown, we had about 6 or 7 inches left. Which was followed by a few days of temps in the high 60s. Which led to another snowfall yesterday (of about an inch). And that melted a couple of hours later.

Starting to feel like I'm in Edinboro. If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change.

Heir To The Empire Review

Heir To The Empire (Thrawn Trilogy #1)
by Timothy Zahn

Review By: Neil Richard

Rating: 5 out of 5

Tim Zahn produced created a masterpiece of Star Wars literature when he penned this book. For me, this was the dawn of a new era. Star Wars as a whole had been on the back-burner in so many ways, people had almost forgotten it was even a movie. Sure, the die-hard fans kept up with things, and it’s probably thanks to them that this book got so much press early on (word of mouth is the best advertiser).

So when Heir To The Empire hit the shelves, I ignored it. I’ll admit, I was one of those that loved Star Wars, but thought I was doomed to watching it on VHS (an in full frame to boot) for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until the last book of the series came out that I happened to see it in the bookstore. The rest is history. I’m 300-plus books into a collection that keeps growing and I can’t stop buying them.

Enough about how this book started my addiction. For me, this is the best “classic” Star Wars novel out there. By “classic” I don’t mean from the 1970s. I mean pre-NJO (New Jedi Order). I classify all the books published between the first book and Vector Prime as “classic.” Nobody really gets hurt, no main characters die, and the good guy wins.

And that pretty much sums up Heir To The Empire. All the main characters show up as well as some great new characters. We have Luke, Obi-Wan (in spirit form), Leia, Han, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, 3PO, R2, Lando, and Chewie as the main ingredients. Added to that are Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Noghri, ysalamiri, Talon Karrde, Mara Jade, Joruus C’baoth, and Captain Pellaeon.

Aside from setting the foundation for some great characters that will eventually span numerous novels, Zahn also set the pace for awesome action sequences mixed with moments of intrigue and good dialogue. He nails the existing characters and defines the new ones. He gives future writers something to aspire to (and readers to wait for). And he does an overall great job in telling the story.

Now, aren’t you glad I didn’t write that poem I was thinking about?

Available in Word and PDF.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Old Town makes the news


This is a great article about cast iron. Too bad our favorite chef/cook was a bit mis-quoted. But it's great to see our favorite place in the news. For those that don't know, it's called Old Town Grill & Cafe. It's like Cheers. But for breakfast.

Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Stumbled onto this link today. PistolWimp - Star Wars: Deleted Magic I'm not sure if everything is true, but it all looks plausible enough to me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Google Voice Search Demo

Google Voice Search Demo - Yet again I discover something new about Google. Too bad I hate talking on the phone.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Pittsburgh Steelers Parade

My wife's cousin sent her this link to some great videos and pictures of the parade the Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowl XL Champions had downtown. I love the Steelers, but this is the first time I've ever wanted to live in Pittsburgh.

Friday, February 10, 2006

January Photos

January Photos - New photos have been posted. Includes the shed's temporary drainage, Elizabeth being a ham, and our Super Bowl XL party.

Google Desktop v3 Released

Looks like Google has once again raised the bar and caused some concern all in one move. With the new Google Desktop Download (version 3), users can now access their files from other computers. Sounds great, as long as you don't mind Google storing your computer's information. While you can change settings and tell Google Desktop what to allow access to, I'm glad to see they've allowed you to download the previous version.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Artistic Life and an RSS Feed

I'll be moving the "My Artistic Life" section of my site here. It's become a bit of a hassle to post the same thing in both places. And seeing as how Blogger is so much easier to post to (especially with the Blogger for Word plug-in), I figured it was time to make my life easier, not harder.

In addition to that, I've also discovered (quite late I might add) RSS. We have one running for our work support site, so I thought I'd check it out. Now I know why they are so popular. Updates as often as you want and it's all right there in the window for you. You can even watch Google Videos if you want. So, I've added a link to the RSS feed for this site. I hope to have one running for my main site at some point. But with tax season in it's brutal mood, I'm a tad busy. In other words, don't hold your breath.

Steelers not the Stealers

Sure, there's been a ton of discussion about how the Seahawks had their Super Bowl "stolen" from them. I know every single Steeler fan in my house on Super Sunday was on the edge of their seat wondering why the Steelers were not playing as good a game as they had in the previous three. Sure, I'll agree that there were some shady calls, but they were on both sides of the field. Not focused on the Seahawks only. And even if (big if here) we "cheated," then it's obvious we cheated better than the Seahawks. So check out this link: ESPN.com - COLUMNIST - Wojciechowski: Enough with the Super whining

He does a pretty good job expressing how I feel.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gmail and Google Talk mix it up

Looks like I can learn more About Gmail. The guys at Google are at it again. Looks like some new features for Google Talk and Gmail will be making there way to the front again. Now if I can only get more action out of my Google Desktop Sidebar.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video

How kind of Google to post Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video. Most notable commercial missing is MacGyver (of course). But that's okay. I found it already.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is MacGyver the Seahawks’ 12th man?

Is MacGyver the Seahawks’ 12th man?

While Richard Dean Anderson is staring in a Mastercard “priceless” commercial during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, I’m starting to wonder if the Seahawks have some scheme to use him as their “12th man.” Afterall, RDA has spent many years in the PNW area and has a history of being a great hockey player. While he wouldn’t be playing on ice in Detroit, he might come out with his Swiss Army knife and cut somebody’s chin strap.

Everything’s on the line for this Sunday. Only time will tell how happy I will be come Monday.

Confirmation can be seen on RDAnderson.com, SuperBowl-Ads.com, and the Post-Gazette.com.

Video can be downloaded/viewed here.