Monday, January 29, 2007

Battlestar Galactica and Credit Reports

Sunday Night TV

What the frak is going on with BSG? Seriously. I've seen more action in the sack from the pilots than I've seen in space. Let's just take Baltar and Caprica Six and shove them in a room with the four lovers. Whoever comes out wins. There's a match-up worth watching.

By the Gods I didn't sign on to watch a love square (there are four of them), I signed on to watch a science fiction show with space battles and bad guys that look like us.


And The Dresden Files isn't making my Sunday night viewing any better. A magical detective guy sounded neat at first, but after two episodes, yuck. Double yuck.

And 7th Heaven isn't helping either. I loved the show and grew up on it, but it's becoming a bit too much of a political platform lately. And none of the original crew is there (meaning the kids).

Credit Reports

I got my credit report from two of the three agencies today (for some reason TransUnion didn't like me). And things look quite good. I took a financial class today (free from work) and didn't exactly learn anything new, but got some motivation to do something about the monkey on my back called debt.

I've signed up for two more classes, so hopefully I'll get something more out of them besides the motivation.

Anyway, things are looking up. Heroes is on tonight! WOOT!!

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