Thursday, March 15, 2018

40 Years Ago Today - March 1978

One of the most popular photos from my early childhood, this family photo is from March 1978.

This string of Polaroids is also from March 1978. My parents and I went to Uncle George's for a visit, possible on our way east to the new house in Maryland. Based on the serial numbers, the photos were all from the same batch.

There's a single photo I found with my cousin and I playing at Uncle George's and Aunt Wilma's. I've blurred out her face because I know privacy is important to her family and I wanted to respect that.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

40 Years Ago Today - March 1, 1978

I was finally able to locate, learn, and use a large bed scanner. Which made it possible to scan a growth chart my mother had for me. The first measurement was for January 3, 1977 where I clocked in at a whopping 20 and one half inches! Fast-forward a year and a couple of months and I grew to 31 and one half inches.