Sunday, January 10, 2016

Worm Train Barf

Today's run just happened to work out perfectly. Almost perfectly. There was only some minor pissing and moaning after the run but that wasn't exactly related to the run itself. I got lucky and headed out the door into some wonderful weather. After a few weeks of cold, the temps were pleasant enough for shorts. But just chilly enough to not get too overheated. The run was pretty quiet with nothing terribly exciting. There was an older couple out walking and a ton of worms on the pavement. That was it.

The rest of the day was a bit more exciting. The pissing and moaning began when I started making plans to go to a train show. After we got our family griping out of the way, we headed out the door for some fun. The train show was pretty nice. There was a bunch of stuff for sale which wasn't too exciting. The paintings were nice, some of the toys were cool, but otherwise it was pretty useless stuff for us to buy. The displays though were pretty cool. They had several different gauges all running through different dioramas. Very cool stuff. I think our favorite was the Lego train setup. It was small but very entertaining. I think we all left wanting to go play with Legos.

Then it was lunch where William had a minor allergic reaction to what was likely some cross-contamination. Seeing as his reactions come on pretty fast, we weren't even in the car when it hit. Thankfully he didn't get sick and only had some nausea. We made it home and he's much better now. But sadly, I think we'll need to mark that eatery off our list of safe places to eat.

Some shots from the train show.

Temps were about 60F. Wind was moderate with stronger gusts. Humidity was low to moderate. We had some rain last night so there was some left over moisture. Sun was out but there were some low hanging clouds moving quickly and higher clouds just sitting still.

Fluids and Fuel:
Had two slices of bacon and a little coffee before the run. Plain water during the run. Recovery was a breakfast burrito (the healthy kind) and a donut. And coffee of course.

Aches and Pains:
Right knee still feels tweaky but it's on the low end of the scale, maybe a 1 or 2. Calves felt like they were on fire during the run but feel fine now. Right heel had some chafing which is a little concerning because I've never had Altras do me wrong. But these are a new pair so maybe I just need a few more miles in them.

Wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

Today's Motivation:
I planned on heading out but what really got me moving was the sun. And when I went outside to get the paper, the warm temps really pushed me a little faster to get going.

Naughty Neil:
Laid some guilt down and I don't even feel bad about it.

Loop 1 - 16:04
Loop 2 - 16:37
Finish - 32:42