Monday, October 17, 2011

New Followers

I understand there may be some new followers out there, and I'd like to take a moment to say welcome. I don't post here as much as I'd like to but if you take a gander over in the side bar, you'll see that I can also be found on Twitter (@thetk42one) and Dailymile (tk42one). I frequent many other sites but these two are the most likely to produce results. Or drop me a comment or email or text or whatever you'd like. I'm sure I'll find out about it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Marathon Family

This past weekend, our family ran a marathon. No, we didn't each run 26.2 miles. We ran, combined, over 26.2 miles. So I guess that makes us an UltraMarathon family.

To start the adventure off, I ran a 20 mile race. It was my first time at this specific distance (automatic PR!) but I've run over 20 miles in the past. I wasn't terribly worried about the distance but I was more than worried about the cut-off. The forms said 14 minute miles. And I think last year it was 12 minute miles. While I'll spare you the gory details, I will share the fact that I was happy to finish. Before the cut-off. And before a few people. Yeah for me not being last! Oh, and if you want to know the gory details, go here. But be warned. There's poop talk involved.

That was Saturday. The next day, we all carted ourselves to the local YMCA for another string of races. This time I was the head crew, cheer, and pace person for the rest of the family. Yvonne and Elizabeth took off for their 5k race. Both were decked out in some bright colors and both did an awesome job. Yvonne scored a new PR by running sub-40 (and nearly taking my head off when she chucked her water bottle at me at the finish - no worries, I had a good laugh over it). Elizabeth scored third place in her age group and she was only 15 seconds slower than her first 5k race. Both did a great job and were happy with the end result. I had a great time cheering them on as they started and neared the finish and had a blast cheering for a few other local runners I know.

Then it was William's turn. He ran the kid's 1 mile race. As expected, he came in last but he has consistently shown that he doesn't enjoy the longer distances much. And that's fine with me. I'm pretty sure he'll be a wrestler or football player anyway. And like I do with Elizabeth, I try not to push him too much and instead try to focus on the fun aspect. Well, he was sad when he didn't get a prize like his sister. And that's what I'd expect a 4 year old kid to do.

So, with my 20 mile race, Yvonne and Elizabeth doing a 5k, and William doing a 1 mile race (with me pacing), we racked up 27.2 miles over the weekend. As a family of course. Pretty damn nice.