Monday, March 02, 2015

The Will to Run

My will to run was greater than expected yesterday. As I crawled out of bed and promptly went back under the covers, I decided to treat myself to some time reading a book. A few minutes later, the power went out. Guess I won't be running on the treadmill. So I got up, filly-farted around a bit, checked the roads outside and sure enough, the ice that was due to come in the afternoon came early. So we were stuck at home due to icy roads and I was stuck without a treadmill to run on. Guess I get a day off. Right?

Wrong. After some time reading, napping, and more napping, the power eventually came back on. My Navy shower was for naught as I finally worked up enough motivation to get my butt on the treadmill for some quality time with Darth Vader. After sweating to the oldies of Star Trek and LOST, I got to 70 minutes and called it quits. I was only a little shy of my goal time but hey, compared to last week's lack of work-outs, I'll consider it a win.

I was happy I went over 1,000 feet!

Indoor temps were about 80F to 85F. Even with no power we still have heat in the basement. Quite a lot of heat. That sucker will cook you right out of there if you don't turn it down.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was Pop-Tarts. Four of them. Couldn't really cook anything else and cereal didn't sound appealing. During the run I had Hammer Fizz and an applesauce. Recovery was leftover ground beef, risotto, and peas.

Aches and Pains:
None really. Although my left knee is bugging me a bit the day after.

Wore shorts and went topless. Oh, and I wore a headband to catch some sweat. In the end, it just bugged the hell out of my ears.

Time - 70:35
Distance - 3.1 miles
Incline - 0 to 15 (AVG 7)
Speed - 2.0 to 4.5 (AVG 2.7)
Elevation - 1,004 feet
Entertainment - Star Trek DS9 but mostly LOST

Naughty Neil:
Seems like I've gotten fat again. I clocked in at 239 before breakfast and it pissed me off. I knew my pants were a bit tighter but didn't think much of it. Well shit. Now I'm pissed. I worked hard to get rid of that weight and now it's back. Shit shit shit.

Today's Motivation:
I'd say a third goes to my weigh-in, another third goes to KL, and the last third to Tab. Those last two runners got their workouts in and both mentioned the will to run. Well hell. There's some motivation for ya.

Finish - 1:10:35

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