Friday, August 31, 2012

Shot down in a blaze of glory

Was hoping to go to the group run today at the Y but my schedule just didn't work out that way. So I went for a run by myself. And it sucked. Turned into more of a walk than a run and instead of dwelling on how slow I was going, I stopped and reset my watch before I had gone half a mile. Yep, I knew that quickly how slowly I was going. So, without the pressure of times and splits, I just chilled out as best as I could. My guess is I ran the 2 miles at about 13 to 14 minute pace but I can't be sure.

Saw a deer in the fields and was briefly chased by a dog. He ran to the edge of the road well behind me but thankfully listened to his owner working in the garden. I wasn't too worried about it since I haven't had any issues with dogs on this particular stretch of road.

Temps were about 70F but humidity was high enough that I could see it in the sunlight. No wind and plenty of sun.

Fluids and Fuel:
No breakfast before the run. Just a bottle of water during the run. Recovery was yogurt, oatmeal, and iced coffee.

Aches and Pains:
None really.

Just my phone.

Codename - Shot down in a blaze of glory
That's how my grand schemes and plans tend to end up. Carnage in a crater.

None taken.

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