Friday, August 17, 2012


So I went out for a little jaunt today in an effort to punish myself for being a lazy ass couch potato. How have I been a lazy ass couch potato? Let me count the ways. Missing my long run this past weekend and attempting to make up for it on Monday. Instead of doing the full 10 miles of my make-up long run on Monday, I only did 8 miles. Skipping my planned 3 and 5 mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. Which leaves me with today's run, a make-up session of 8 miles. Not to mention all the crap food I've been eating.

Which brings us to food allergies. For those of you that don't know, I'm allergic to nuts, poultry, and gourds. For those of you that don't care, why the hell are you still reading? So, yesterday I ate crap food. Fried food. Fried mac and cheese nuggets. About as close to death in a paper bag as you can get without huffing silver paint. So after I pour all that crap down my gullet, I attempt to appease the food gods by eating a salad. A taco salad. With some greasy meat on it. That apparently had some form of poultry, likely turkey, in it. Which lead to an allergic reaction which was thankfully mild. I mean, I could barely swallow but I could still breath. Then I made things worse.

You see, as a kid growing up with food allergies, I learned that one of the best remedies that was easily found was Coke. Coke in the can worked best while Coke from the fountain required a double dose. Anyway, Coke worked as a great over the counter anti-histamine. Can you guess what I drank yesterday? A Coke. Now, mind you, I had a valid medical reason. I didn't want to jab the Epi-Pen in my thigh. At all. And I didn't want to take Benadryl so I could fall asleep at work. That left Coke. Which isn't really all that bad since I rarely drink it. But there's a reason I rarely drink it. That shit makes me depressed. And I don't mean like "oh boo hoo, I drank a Coke and now I'm going to get fat." Not even depressed like "oh crap, I drank a Coke and now I'm going to get addicted to them again like an alcoholic is addicted to beer." No, I'm talking about depressed like "oh fuck this shit, I'm not getting out of bed, life just isn't worth it." Complete mental carnage. And no, I have no idea why it does that to me. Although the best theory I've heard is that I'm allergic to it.

Anywho. Back to today's run. I fought some heartburn from yesterday's lunch, some moody blues from yesterday's Coke, and some couch potato flab from eating crappy food. But I survived. Although it was close when that turkey ran across the field. I was a little worried he was going to go get some friends and come back to attack me.

Temps were about 80F but probably climbed to about 85F by the end. There was a light breeze of about 10 mph. Sun was out. Humidity was low.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was potatoes, eggs, toast, and iced coffee. For the run, I took my hydration pack with ice water. I also took an EFS shot (Berry flavored). I finished both by the end. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite.

Aches and Pains:
First mile or two had some right ankle pain. It's the top of the ankle where it bends. Felt tight for some reason like it didn't want to bend. Eventually went away. Had some heartburn and some nasty and acidic burps. My right knee ached a bit towards the end. The last few miles also had what felt like some chafe on the back of my right foot around the Achilles at the top of the shoe. Didn't see any in the shower though.

Took my hydration pack, phone, recorder, and that was about it.

Codename - Obey
Saw an Obey sticker (without the word, just Andre's face) on a phone pedestal. I'd seen it before but never knew what it meant. Now I do.

Outbound - 51:15
Inbound - 51:20 (really happy that I only slowed about a second per mile on the return trip)
Finish - 1:42:36


Lauren said...

A taco salad! That really made me giggle. We are both in the exact same situation (except for the food allergies). I have so many miles to make up, I'm not even going to make them up. I'm starting over! I started writing down everything that I consume. I'm aiming for 2 pounds a week. Wanna race? : ))

Neil Richard said...

I'd love to race! Ready? Set......GO!! Annnnnnnnnd I lose. It took me a year to lose 5 pounds. Some how I think you'd win.