Friday, August 10, 2012

Jurassic Park

I had planned on going for a run with the YMCA group this morning but my son (and the heavy rain) managed to twist my arm. So instead I went to the dentist with my son where he got a clean bill of health. The skies cleared and I opted for a lunch run instead. After all, I had promised Biddi I would test my latest pair of shorts.

So out the door I went, shirtless, and sporting my new T-Star threads. Nothing terribly exciting during the run other than seeing one walker and one kid riding his bike. And a turtle on a log in the swamp. Outside of that, it was a decent run.

Temps were about 75F to 80F. Winds were moderate, maybe 20 mph. Sun was out but so were the clouds. Humidity was moderate but not too noticeable due to the wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Took a Hammer Gel (Banana) before I left and had two bottles of plain water during the run. After the run I had  a bottle of Hammer Recoverite, some shredded wheat, and two slices of cheese.

Aches and Pains:
Felt oddly gimpy today. My knees and ankles and legs felt sore but there were no aches or pains that stayed with me the entire time. Just kind of randomly traveled from one leg to another or up and down a leg.

Other than my new shorts, just my phone.

Codename - Jurassic Park
You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the T-Rex is in the side view mirror of the Jeep? Well, that's the inspiration behind my picture in my new shorts. So for those of you that don't get my dry wit, that means I stuffed a sock in my shorts to look more manly. Or horse-like.

Outbound - 20:33
Inbound - 20:40
Finish - 41:13


John Zeleznik said...

Uhh, bro....what the F**K are those??

Happy birthday, BTW.

Lauren said...

I love those shorts. I could wear something like that (which you probably don't want to hear, since I'm a girl)

Neil Richard said...

Custom shorts for running. Dont knock them, they don't chafe.

Neil Richard said...

These are my seond pair. My running partner has lots of options. She's on Facebook under Tab-Star (or T-Star) on Facebook. Ran my last 50k in them with no chafing. Oh, and they have pockets around the waist.

Lauren said...

No Chaffing! I am so there. But I can't find her on face book under tab-star or t-star.

Lauren said...

found her: tabstar running