Trail Guides

Caledon State Park
Races: Howlin' Coyote 10k
Notes: This is a Virginia State Park and there is a fee to park. There are also trail restrictions in place during the year to protect Bald Eagle nesting areas.
Detailed Trail Information:

As of early July 2012, Caledon became a State Park. This changes many of the access limits on their trails (i.e. allowing bikes) as well as opens many new trails.
  • Belmont Trail - Green - 3.3 miles - Starts on Boyd's Hole trail (gravel road) then turns left at The Triangle then turns left into the woods to a single track dirt trail. Heavy elevation change. Not clearly marked at either end. Not shown on the map.
  • Benchmark Trail - Orange - 3.0 miles - Difficult trail. Single track dirt. Decent elevation change.
  • Boyd's Hole Trail - Green/Various - unknown distance - Gravel road. Downhill on the way to the river with steep uphill on the way back.
  • Cedar Ridge Trail - White - 4.3 miles - Difficult trail. Single track dirt. Heavy elevation change.
  • Fern Hollow Trail - Red - 1.0 mile - Likely the easiest trail in the park. Single track dirt. Very little elevation change.
  • Flats Trail - unkown colors - unknown distance - Gravel road.
  • Laurel Glen Trail - Yellow - 2.0 miles - Moderate trail. Single track dirt. Moderate elevation change.
  • Poplar Grove Trail - Blue - 1.6 miles - Fairly easy trail. Single track dirt. A little elevation change.

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail
Races: Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon; Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50k
Notes: This is private property and requires a permit to use the trail. See the website for the free permit.
Detailed Trail Information:
The trail is double-track mixed surface with a short section of single track dirt. The surface varies from soft pine needles to large rocks to everything in between. The majority of it is gravel or small rock with dirt mixed in.

The trail is marked every half mile with a mile post. The markers start at the Route 605/Bloomsbury Road trail head (where the train cars are located) with Mile Marker (MM) 0.0. Traveling east, the first 10 miles or so have markers on the left (north) side of the trail. After MM 10.0, the markers could be on either side of the trail. The last marker is either MM 13.5 or MM 14.0.

The trail is an old railroad bed so as long as you "think" like a train, you won't get lost. In other words, no sudden turns or big hills. There are two major exceptions to this rule though. The first and most common is the Gun Range Bypass section. That's right, the trail goes through an active gun range. Not to worry though, just follow the detour signs and you'll be fine. The bypass is located between MM 6.5 and MM 7.0. The second exception is the Little Ark Baptist Church (LABC) cemetery. Please do NOT go through this section. While it is part of the trail, the owner would like to show respect to the church by not using this portion of the trail. The LABC cemetery is just east of MM 14.0.

A few landmarks include:
- 605 Parking Lot at MM 0.0
- Warren's Hole at MM 2.5 (the largest and worst rocks).
- Comorn Parking Lot at MM 4.0
- Indiantown Parking Lot at MM 8.25ish
- Campground at MM 8.5ish
- 218 Bridge at MM 11.0

Westmoreland State Park
Races: None
Notes: This is a Virginia State Park and there is a fee to park.
Detailed Trail Information:
Westmoreland State Park sustained heavy damage in 2011 due to a hurricane and several tropical storms. Because of this, several trails are radically different than they were in previous years. Trail descriptions provided are based on their current state (dates are listed).
  • Beach Trail - Yellow - 0.4 miles - Nicknamed the Stairway to Hell, this single track dirt trail starts on the beach and climbs a series of stairs to the top of the cliffs. May be hard to find the trail heads at either end. There are 220 steps total, with the majority on a long and steep staircase. Use caution on the staircase as the steps are moldy and may be slippery. Also use caution on the trail as it narrows in one section to about a foot wide and runs next to a steep drop-off.
  • Beaver Dam Trail - Yellow - 0.5 miles - Open as of 2012-09-09. The trail is very short with a steep climb from the beach to the Turkey Neck Trail. Slightly overgrown with wider portions.
  • Big Meadow Trail - Red - 0.7 miles - Steep drop to the beach on a single but mostly double track dirt and gravel trail. Starts at the main Visitor Center. At low tide you can traverse the beach to either end. The trail also connects with the Turkey Neck Trail near the beach.
  • Conservation Corps Trail - Red - 1.6 miles - This double track gravel trail is easy to travel and runs from the main road to Route 3.
  • Laurel Point Trail - Orange - 1.7 miles - This single track dirt trail starts at the main road and goes to the beach. The trail intersects with the Rock Spring Pond Trail. The first section is fairly easy with only a minor hill or two. The second section, between Rock Spring Pond Trail and the beach, is more difficult with 83 stairs and a few steep and technical sections. The trail also connects to the back of the cabins and will allow you access to the River Trail. [*2012-09-09 - The portion of LPT from the beach to Cabins 8, 9, and 10 is closed for construction.*]
  • River Trail - White - 0.2 miles - The trail head at the top is located next to Cabin 7 while the trail head at the bottom is located at the furthest edge of the parking lot at the beach, just along the road. The trail is single track with steep hills and 171 steps.
  • Rock Spring Pond Trail - Green - 0.6 miles - This double track paved trail is easily accessible and easily traveled.
  • Turkey Neck Trail - Blue - 2.5 miles - Open as of 2012-09-09. This single track dirt trail is technical and steep in many sections. Portions are overgrown while other portions are wide, double track. The lower portion of the trail near the beach is mostly single track. This leads up some steep hills to the upper portion of the trail which is a fire road.

Belmont - Gari Melcher's Home and Studio
Races: None
Notes: This is a National Historic Landmark. There is a fee to enter the house and studio but none to use the trails. Although they would certainly appreciate a donation.
Detailed Trail Information:
None of the trails are marked with blazes and there are only a few signs. The entire circuit of the Springs Loop Trail, Ice Pond Creek Trail (twice), and the River Overlook Trail is only 1.5 miles.
  • Ice Pond Creek Trail - Single track dirt trail that is subject to runoff from the hill. Some sharp turns and can be technical in some sections. A few short and steep hills.
  • Meadow Loop Trail - Unknown
  • River Overlook Trail - Single track dirt trail. On the river-side of the road (Ingleside Drive) and not marked. The map shows a lollipop-type loop but it's more of a T-type trail. The trail goes east and parallels the river but doesn't appear to go very far west.
  • Springs Loop Trail - This single track dirt trail requires some extra caution as it passes three springs and plenty of mud. There is also a pump house and cemetery along the trail.

Lake Anna State Park
Races: ICY-8 Hour ATR
Notes: This is a Virginia State Park and there is a fee to park. The trails in the park are marked but the blazes are not as close together as you'd expect so don't rely on them. There are also a lot of intersections where users may be confused due to the names used. The intersections are marked well but the trail names often change depending on where you are.
Detailed Trail Information:
  • Fisherman's Trail - Orange - 0.8 miles - Unknown.
  • Old Pond Trail - Blue - 0.3 miles - Single track paved trail that is pretty short, flat, and easily traveled.
  • Railroad Ford Trail - Red - 1.5 miles - A wide single track dirt trail that drains well (in other words, not much mud). It does follow the shoreline for at least half of it so there may be some wind. The other half loosely follows an old railroad bed.
  • Glenora Trail - Green - 1.1 miles - This trail is a mix of single track paved trail and and double track dirt trail. The paved portion runs from the Visitor's Center and the Railroad Ford Trail to the campgrounds. The intersection at the Sawtooth Trail isn't clearly marked. The end of the trail has a smokehouse exhibit.
  • Big Woods Trail - Silver - 1.2 miles - Double track dirt trail with lots of mud and a few water crossings.
  • Turkey Run Trail - Yellow - 1.2 miles - Unknown.
  • Cedar Run Trail - White - 0.9  miles - Unknown.
  • Sawtooth Trail - Tan - 2.5  miles - Double track dirt trail.
  • Mill Pond Trail - Blue - 0.8 miles - Double track dirt trail that has a few hills.
  • Pigeon Run Trail - Purple - 1.5 miles - Double track dirt trail that follows the power line for a little bit. There's a few hills, the steepest being under the power line.
  • Gold Hill Trail - Black - 3.1 miles - Unknown.