Monday, June 27, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E7 - The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 7
The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii

Magnum guards Sir Algernon Farnsworth, an important member of, oh who am I kidding. Sir Algernon is a dog. Some rich lady owns him. And some Mobster wants him. And Magnum is hired to protect him. Yeah, sounds a little campy and goofy but hey, it's the 1980s. While it's only somewhat related to the plot, we see a new vehicle for Magnum to drive, a GMC Jimmy with the plate ROBIN 3.

Cell Phones
As Magnum discovers he has a tail on the road, he has to stop at a gas station to call TC ask for help. Could have been a lot easier if he had a cell phone. I'm guessing only the Audi has a cell phone and not the Jimmy.

The old man, the "mustache," had a sweet velour/fleece/terry cloth zippered short sleeve jacket. And he wore it with the zipper down and a hat. With shorts. His two younger partners at least wore some fairly nice clothes that could still pass for modern day fashion.

But the kids? Their outfits were totally 70s/80s era styles. The tall tube socks, the flat tennis shoes, and the graphic tees. All classic styles of the era.

Magnum's bell bottoms give a hint of his Navy service. Even though they aren't quite full blown bell bottoms. And the bad guys chasing him through the banana groves reverted back to some typical 80s fashion with their suits. And the marijuana growers have some hideously large sunglasses.

The shorts on Rick at the end are just, wow. Just wow.

Hawaiian Shirt
The Hawaiians wearing Hawaiian shirts were okay and more muted than Magnum's but they still look pretty cool. Magnums shirt though looked pretty decent. This episode's shirt is a call back to the pilot episode. It's a dark shirt with white flowers. It's not as flashy of the red shirts we've seen before but still looks nice.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Moo Moo Buckaroo

Got my 4 miles in this morning in my new team uniform. Or gear. Or kit. Or whatever you want to call it. It was long overdue in arriving but well worth the wait. Glad I had the chance to test it out before I left on my trip. The cycle jersey looked like it would fit but it was snug. I know it's supposed to be snug but I didn't expect my arms to be so big. Made me feel a little like the Incredible Hulk - one flex and I'd rip a seam. But I didn't. And I know cycle people are usually smaller than me (more aerodynamic, right?) but I still felt like a stuffed sausage in there.

The shorts were a little surprising. They looked way too small (size XL) but they fit quite nicely. So that was cool. No chafing after 4 miles, which was even cooler.

The rest of the run was filled with horse flies, neighbors, and lots of sweating.

The rest of the day was filled with sitting in the car driving to my moms. Once there, it was time to talk, eat dinner, film the cows, and stay up late.

Almost forgot! So I got a message today from an old running friend. She saw my photo and both she and her husband commented on how much weight I had lost. Totally made my day! Thank you Royanna! And, on top of that, yesterday I did my monthly measurements. I was a few days behind schedule because I was sick, but here are the numbers:

Weight - 233.2 pounds (down from 246.2 right before I quit work)
Waist - 101.5 cm (down from 110 cm)
Total cm Measurements - 650.5 cm (down from 677 cm)



Temps were about 80F. Humidity was high. Sky was overcast. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Nothing before the run. Plain water during the run. Ran out of water after 3 miles. Recovery was coffee followed by an egg white sammich thingie from the gas station with a few, ONLY A FEW DAMMIT, hashbrowns.

Aches and Pains:
The sleeves on the jersey bunched a little but once fixed there was no pain. Right shoe probably wasn't tied tight enough so I felt some chafing on the heel.

Shorts and cycle jersey.

Today's Motivation:
I knew I wouldn't get a run in after I got to my mom's so I got up early and got it done.

Naughty Neil:
The gas station food wasn't a great choice but it was a good choice in what I chose. Lunch today was light and dinner was fairly healthy. I'm doing much better. But I still had some McDonalds fries. But only a medium!

As I ran, I realized what names I had come up with for the neighborhood routes I use. I created them, used them a few times, then forgot them. And instead of going back to find them, I just ignored them and called them the "loop" when I should have used the proper word. So, a "loop" is a full 1.5 mile loop around the hood. A "lollipop" is 1.25 miles, and skips one of the dead ends. A "circle" is 1 mile and skips both dead ends. If that doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. A lot of what I think of doesn't make sense to me either.
Loop - 18:34
Loop - 18:46
Circle - 10:48
Finish - 48:09

Friday, June 24, 2016

Horse Fly War

Today's run was well needed. Down right necessary. And although I was slower than I wanted to be, I survived, didn't get bit, and feel pretty damn good right now.

The weather yesterday was very wet and very stormy when I woke up so I just went back to bed and skipped my run. For a few minutes I thought about going after work but I ended up cooking dinner for the kids which meant some creativity in the kitchen. Pancakes are tricky to cook.

So today I needed to stay true to my word and get my run in. And I did. And I even did my workout, although not as many reps/sets as I wanted to.

Anyway, the run was nice. The weather wasn't. Warm and muggy and the flies were out. Yuck. Saw my dad finishing his walk as I was starting mine. Also saw Mrs. Sparbel out getting her workout done.

And there might be a horse fly war brewing. Details to follow.

The angry hawk.

Yesterday's Video:

Temps were around 80F or 85F. Humidity was moderate to high. No wind. Sky was slightly overcast.

Fluids and Fuel:
Nothing before the run. Plain water during the run. Overflowing oatmeal, one egg, and two sausage for breakfast.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really. Still a bit wheezy but not really short of breath.

Wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
Most of my motivation was because I didn't want to disappoint my coach. I told her yesterday I was really going to get my run in today. So I did. Felt much better after I got it done.

Naughty Neil:
I've been doing really good on the food. It's hard as shit and I really wanted a Whopper for dinner tonight. But instead I had shrimp tacos and tortillas. Lots of tortillas. And dip.

Time is an estimate because I'm too lazy to go back upstairs to get my watch. But it's close.
Loop 1 - 18:00
Loop 2 - 19:30
Finish - 37:30

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Three's Company - S2 E1 - Ground Rules

Three's Company
Season 2
Episode 1
Ground Rules

With privacy at a premium, Jack, Janet, and Chrissy fight to get some quality alone time. But most interesting to me is the beginning itself. Turns out, Season 1 was just a short, mid-season series with very little hope of continuing past the first six season. When the series was picked up, well, they came back for a full season. In addition to that, the format of the opening changed. It got a little longer and the music changed a little too. I also noticed some changes in how the camera shots are set up. There seems to be more close-up head shots.

Physical Comedy
I think this episode shows the birth of the sloth-like cretin that John Ritter does. I don't know how to describe it other than hilarious.

My favorite gag though is the wind-up hand at the table in the Regal Beagle. I think I've used it before with my kids but I could never remember where I learned it from. I guess the mystery is solved.

Since the whole male vs. female libido probably isn't appropriate for kids, let's look at schedules instead. The best I could find were a bunch of examples of a daily schedule for STEM teachers or a schedule for a STEM school. All I was left with was some ideas on how to implement STEM in a school. Not the best, but better than nothing.

Teacher Resources:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't Be A Dead Turtle

As I did my best to make my way around the neighborhood this morning without sounding like I had emphysema, I came across a dead turtle. Finding road kill while you run on the road is a normal occurrence. Usually you smell it well before you see it and make your way around it but in this case, it didn't smell until I was right up next to it. At first I thought it was still alive and just hidden in it's shell (it was upside down) but as I got closer, I could see the flies and knew it was dead.

Which got me to thinking about death. Roadkill does that to me it seems. Makes me think about death that is. As I ran past the turtle, I began to think about being slow and doing nothing and how it can kill. Well, being slow is okay I think. Just because you're slow doesn't mean you'll die. But doing nothing or sitting back too much, that kind of slow, now that I believe can kill. Since leaving work I've been moving a lot more and it's left me feeling better about things.

So I guess I should be thankful for the dead turtle in the road. It reminded me to keep moving or risk death.

Morbidity aside, the run was uneventful. I did feel a little winded at times but I also felt pretty healthy at times. It was weird.

Temps were about 85F. Humidity was high. Sky was overcast. Winds were light to moderate.

Fluids and Fuel:
I had breakfast before the run, then let it set for a while before running. Breakfast was two egg whites, two slices of bread, and two sausage patties. And coffee. Always assume I'm drinking coffee. Plain water during the run. Recovery was a lunch of leftover spaghetti, salmon, and brocolli.

Aches and Pains:
Other than the wheezy chest, things felt fine.

Wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's Motivation:
Nothing like a little domestic strife to motivate you to go for a run. I'm so glad this kind of therapy is free.

Naughty Neil:
My after-dinner snack yesterday probably wasn't the best choice. But I felt like I needed something to eat. Even though I'm sure I didn't.

Loop 1 - 15:50
Loop 2 - 17:27
Finish - 33:17