Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Garden Update

Haven't talked about my garden in awhile so I thought it would be a perfect time to give a little update.

Pretty much everything is dead.

Yup, I have a pretty good green thumb, but only when I don't use it. If I just let things grow on their own they appear to do quite well. When I decide to intervene, things die.

As you can see here, in July I was doing great by doing nothing.

A few weeks later I started noticing a large increase in stink bugs. I read something online that said you could use a soapy solution to keep them off. Well, it turns out Simple Green doesn't count as a soapy solution. Even when it's watered down. How do I know? Because this is what was left after I removed the dead stuff.

While there is some hope for the tomato plants to maybe, just maybe produce something before winter, I don't think it's going to happen. It's been a mild summer which makes me think it's going to be a harsh winter. Or at least a winter is coming sooner than normal. Oh well. Lesson learned.

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