Monday, August 26, 2013

Podcast - Mile 66 - No Sex, Just Divorce

What in the hell does that title mean? It means that I won't talk about sex in my podcast. Or in my blog. At least not my sex life. Believe it or not, I do have boundaries. Want to talk about sex? No problem. But don't expect me to talk about what I did in bed last night.

And the divorce part is really the meat of this podcast. I get into the history of how divorce impacted my life and what it means to me. Granted, I can't go into all sorts of details because there just isn't the time in one mile. But I cover some of the highlights that were at the top of my mind when I recorded. The topic has been on the front burner lately because of therapy and I'm glad I'm working through it. Although I don't always feel like there's anything to work through. Because of my age at the time of my parent's divorce, I've never really felt like it happened to me. It's always felt like it happened to some other kid and I just took over his life a few years later.

Anyway, if you're feeling happy, this is a great episode to listen to to bring you down a bit. If you're feeling sad, hopefully this doesn't send you over the edge. It's more deep than dark. You can listen to the episode on Podbean or download it directly here. I'm also considering a move to SoundCloud so if you have their app, you can listen there as well.

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