Thursday, August 22, 2013

There Will Be Blood

This was tougher than expected. And slower. I had 1:15 on the plan for Zone 2 (yeah, still learning what that means to me - I'm sure I'll get it but I wasn't too worried about it today). I managed to hit my turn around pretty close to my halfway point but then crashed and burned with half a mile left. Haven't run in the heat that much this summer and haven't run this long on a regular basis so I have plenty of excuses why my fat ass couldn't go as fast as I wanted to. But I'm happy to have finished in one piece.

The run itself would end up being tougher than I first thought. Tough enough to make me a little nervous when I saw the blood. But more on that later. Outside of the blood, the run was mostly hot and humid. Saw a lizard just chilling in the middle of the road and when I ran back the other way I'm pretty sure he was squished to hell. I felt bad for the guy, but only a little. I'm not a big lizard fan.


A new house going up.

The last photo that will ever be taken of this lizard. Poor guy didn't last long.

Temps were 85F to 90F. Humidity was moderate to high. Sun was out in full. No wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a burrito, an egg, yogurt, and iced coffee. Had a glass of orange juice a couple hours after that. Had a mini-lunch of chips, cheese, and ham about an hour before the run. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz with a little ice and a bottle of plain water with no ice. Finished both. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite with a little milk and chocolate ZICO.

Aches and Pains:
Now we get to the scary part. The run hurt like I expected it to. I was hot, tired, stiff, and sore. That was all normal. The outbound leg went okay but on the way back I started to chafe a little. It gradually got worse but wasn't bad enough to make me walk or hobble. The last two miles or so I felt a little better energy-wise and picked up the pace a little but with about half a mile left I crashed and started to overheat. I got hot enough to get goosebumps. When I took my shorts off I saw blood where a man never wants to see blood. Turns out it wasn't too bloody but I had indeed chafed more than I thought I did. Hoping the A+D ointment clears things up.

No special gear.

Carried my phone in STRETCH and a knife in my shorts. Both rode well with no issues.

Outbound - 37:56
Inbound - 40:27
Finish - 1:18:24

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