Monday, August 12, 2013

Podcast - Mile 64 - I Want You To Want Me

I think my tone of voice has changed just a bit in this episode. Maybe I'm rounding a corner in my training depression. The first half of the episode is mostly the same stuff from the last episode but I focus more on finding a coach. I really need a coach. I'm hoping by the time this episode drops I have a coach.

The second half of the show is about the time-sucking wi-fi DVD player my wife bought earlier this month. It's great that I get to watch all sorts of free TV shows but that also means I sit on my ass even more than normal. Sometimes I swear she's a chubby chaser and wants me to be fat and happy.

If you want it, really, really want it, you can listen to this episode on Podbean or if you want me to want you directly, you can do that here.

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