Monday, April 06, 2015


Yesterday's run went swimmingly. In fact, all of yesterday went swimmingly. But without any swimming of course. The day started off better than Saturday. It seems Friday night was the night for a bunch of nightmares to keep me awake nearly all night. So after a full day of work Saturday, I crashed, still in my clothes, around 2000 hours. I normally don't go to bed until about 2230. That's when I did wake up to finally get into my skivvies and under the covers. I slept until 0700 on Sunday and felt quite refreshed. Guess all I needed was lots of sleep.

So after breakfast and some light housework, I was out the door and into the woods. 7 miles later I was feeling pretty good and headed back home. Turns out my 7 mile run was the easier part of my day. After I showered and ate, it was back outside to do yard work, play baseball, play basketball, ride bikes, and feel old but satisfied in spending time with the family.

Tree bands.

Temps started out around 45F but quickly warmed to 55F by the end. By the end of the afternoon, temps were up to about 70F. Sky was clear. Light wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee, eggs, toast, and yogurt. During the run I had two apple sauces, water, and GenUCAN electrolytes. Recovery was another GenUCAN electrolyte drink followed by a meal of rice and water. Rice doesn't make a good recovery meal.

Aches and Pains:
None during the run or after but my left knee felt tweaky after some baseball with my son. I must have hit too many homeruns.

Wore shorts, pants, thermal top, long sleeve shirt, gloves, and BUFF. The gloves lasted a mile or so. Pants came off after about 2 miles. Also took my hydration pack.

Naughty Neil:
Had wacky cake (aka depression cake) for dessert and I don't feel guilty at all. Not even when I had seconds with a small scoop of ice cream.

Today's Motivation:
Just felt like getting outside to clear my head. And I did. Thoroughly distracted and I'm glad for it.

Begin -  ?
Mile 1 - 12:21
Mile 2 - 13:52
Mile 3 - 16:31
Mile 4 - 12:57
Mile 5 - 13:48
Mile 6 - 12:56
Mile 7 - 12:18
End - ?
Finish - 1:41:21

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