Monday, January 30, 2012

Yesterday's Run - Weight, What?

Today was a nice and brutal run with Kris D. We set up a run "date" and planned on anything greater than 13. Turns out she's never done anything longer than a half marathon. So I was happy to oblige and we ended up cracking out 16+ miles. We started at the usual meeting spot at mile marker 4, ran down to mile marker 8, came back for a quick pit stop, then headed down to mile marker 0 and back. All in all, 16 miles and a good half mile or so on the bypass made for a solid run.

We chatted here and there, mostly early on in the run, but has sporadic conversations as we moved along. You never know when you run with people if they like to talk or not. I know with Biddi W. you can make her slow down by getting her to talk. And I know Catherine loves to talk. With Kris, it was a bit of both. Talking slowed her down a bit but at the end I think it kept her going a bit too. I could sense we were both slowing down but talking seemed to ease some of the pain and distracted us (well, me at least) enough to finish strong.

The trail was it's usual self with plenty of rocks, pine needles, and everything in between. We saw a couple out walking their dog and three deer. Aside from that, it was pretty quiet out there!

Temps started out around 35F but warmed up quickly into the 40s and topped out around 47F by the end. The sun was out in full. Had a slight breeze that wasn't too bad.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was coffee, eggs, toast, and yogurt. I took an e-Gel before starting the run and a second one at mile 4. The first 8 miles I took my hydration pack and had a bottle of Hammer Fizz. I finished the bottle but still had a ton of water left in my pack. At mile 8 I ate a Honey Stinger Waffle and half a bottle of water to wash it down. For the next 8 miles I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and another bottle of Hammer Perpeteum mixed with coffee instead of water.

I wore my cycling jersey over my Under Armour shirt. Turns out I could have done without the thermal layer but I'm still glad I had it. I wore my gloves for the first 4 miles and put them back on for the last 8 miles. I also ditched my hat at mile 4 and stuck with my headband. I wore my Nathan Hydration pack for the first 8 miles then ditched it to run with just my handhelds for the last 8 miles. Aside from that, didn't really have any other special gear on me.

Aches and Pains:
My right calf started to cramp up a bit around mile 8. My left hip started to hurt around mile 10. The ball on my left foot started to hurt around mile 10 as well.

Codename - Weight, What?
So I rarely disclose everything I talk about with others during a run. It's like Vegas and Des Moines, what's said on the run, stays on the run. And while Kris and I didn't exactly share our deepest, darkest secrets with each other, there were a few conversations that should stay on the run. But I have to say, when we started talking about weight (hers, mine, and that of others), I damn near tripped. She told me how much she weighed and I swear she had to be lying. I could have sworn she was 20 pounds lighter. And even if I was a poor judge of weight, she had to be at least 10 pounds lighter. So keep that in mind Batman. If you ever need to whisk her to safety with your Batpulley, she claims to be heavier than she looks.

Mile 1 - 10:38
Mile 2 - 11:10
Mile 3 - 13:42 (includes gun range bypass)
Mile 4 - 11:25
Mile 5 - 12:36 (includes my pee break)
Mile 6 - 13:38 (includes gun range bypass)
Mile 7 - 11:28
Mile 8 - 11:29
Aid Station - 3:25
Mile 9 - 10:38
Mile 10 - 11:37
Mile 11 - 11:43
Mile 12 - 11:45
Mile 13 - 11:51
Mile 14 - 12:07
Mile 15 - 12:26
Mile 16 - 11:52
Finish - 3:13:37

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