Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday's Run - Hubba Hubba

After my session with Stephanie, I headed over to the Y. I knew I'd have plenty of time before work started so I headed out for a run. It was the first since my disaster of a run last Sunday. I hate to taper before a race but I think after Sunday's run I needed a break. My mind was so far from the game I needed to go watch something else. Anyway, I headed out into the frigid air with plans of running a few laps on the 5k loop. Turns out I did better than I expected.

My first lap was a regular loop. I had to stop about a half mile into the run to put my balaclava on since I was insanely cold. I then headed out for a regular run on my old stomping grounds. After the first lap, I made a quick pitstop for the bathroom and a water refill. I headed back out for an altered lap and ran four miles instead of the standard three. I also needed another bathroom break halfway through. I then made another stop to refill my bottle again and headed back out for yet another lap, this time just a regular 5k. I had a bit of a head start on the group run class, which turned out for the best since Chatty Kathy dude was there. Never before have I been so glad that somebody runs faster than me. After this lap, I was done.

Almost. I headed into the gym and stretched out before doing my push-ups from yesterday. I've been trying to stick to the 100 push-up plan again but keep forgetting despite the reminders I set for myself. Oh, and I realize why I prefer to run outside. Yes, the treadmill is insanely boring. But I think the real reason is all the eye candy in there. What the hell ladies?! Put some slobby clothes on, please! It's too easy to undress you with my eyes.

Temps started at about 27F then got to a whopping 35F by the end. Except the last lap had some stronger winds, which I'm sure kicked in the windchill to drop the temps. Sun was out along with a few clouds.

Fluids and Fuel:
No recovery drink after my workout with Stephanie. Started my run with a bottle of Hammer Perpeteum and another bottle of Hammer Fizz (grape). The grape flavor was great in the Fizz. The Perpeteum was beyond the ideal shelf life (it was about 4 days old but was kept in the fridge). Both appeared to work great through the entire run. After the first lap, I had half a bottle of each left so I topped them off with water (thus diluting them more). After the second lap, I had finished my Fizz and topped off my Perpeteum bottle (diluting it even more). I finished that by the end of the third lap. Recovery was an iced latte, fish sub, and jalapeno poppers.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really hurt but my quads were tired. One minor update. After my run, I hit the showers since it was absolutely necessary to clean the funk of 3 hours off me. It wasn't until then that I discovered a new level of pain. I've suffered from Monkey Butt before and have learned to treat it with Body Glide or other methods. Today, I suffered from Monkey Nutt. Ow ow ow.

Wore my Brooks vest and took my iPod along. Listened to music the entire time. Vest worked great. Also had to switch to my balaclava for the first lap. After that I was able to get by with a regular winter hat.

Codename - Hubba Hubba
Seriously ladies, please look as ugly as you can when you're in the gym. Or at least when you're in my gym. Or at least warn me your smokin' hot ass is going to be squeezed into some tight tights while your top is going to show enough cleavage to make me want to ski the Twin Peaks.

Mile 1 - 12:11 (includes equipment adjustment)
Mile 2 - 10:54
Mile 3 - 10:47
Aid Station - 6:16 (includes pee/poo break and water refills)
Mile 4 - 10:13
Mile 5 - 10:57
Mile 6 - 11:28 (includes another pee break)
Mile 7 - 10:44
Mile 7.1 - 1:11
Aid Station - 4:05 (includes water refill)
Mile 8 - 10:20
Mile 9 - 10:51
Mile 10 - 9:56
Mile 10.1 - 1:01
Finish - 2:00:59

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