Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Run - Cautiously Optimistic

The bad news is that I had another SOUR run. The good news is that I had another sour RUN. See the change in emphasis? Yeah. That's about where I am today. Work killed me last week and isn't going to do me any favors until mid-April. But it puts food on the table and affords me a flexible schedule. So I'll try not to complain too much. As expected, I didn't want to run this morning but I forced myself out the door. Thankfully I didn't roll my fat ass back into bed. Thankfully I fit my fat ass into some Large tights. I mean, these things say Large but I think they're for guys built like a Large fucking twig and the label should really read Smallish-Medium. But I smuggled my grapes in there and even managed to keep all the seam intact during my run. Probably because I didn't have to bend over or anything.

So I cruised down the road in the pre-dawn light wondering if I'd ever want to run again. Still don't have that answer. Well, that's not true, I do want to run. I just can't motivate myself to put down the bag of chips and get outside. And seeing as I've been fighting this feeling for a good week or more, I feel even worse because of all the weight (real or imaginary) that I've put on.

Anyway, enough of the pity party. The run. I ditched a bottle about a half mile from home and would pick it up on the way back. I over dressed for the slightly warmer weather. I was literally chased by a dog. Sort of. Dog 1 and Dog 2 barked at me from a porch that was a good 6 feet off the ground. Thinking I was safe, I ignored them. Until I here clinking behind me and Dog 1 was at my heels. Not nipping but certainly showing some interest. Guess I stunk too bad since he didn't chase me more than a few steps. Dogs 3, 4, and 5 gave a solid go at barking but no chasing. Was passed by many people going to and from work. Even got a "look out" as I was making my return trip up the massive hill. Coming out of the gully, there's a few blind turns and a blind hill and a single lane wooden bridge that all add up to a scary drive if you go too fast. And what comes up behind me? A bus. The kid at the stop just ahead of me gave me fair warning though that a car was coming the other way so I safely jumped the ditch onto the berm. I got a few more strides up the hill until two more cars came down. This time there was no berm but I had a rock that was perfectly placed. Phew! Aside from not getting creamed, I was happy to be able to run up both hills without stopping. Whee!

After that, I snagged my bottle and went home for a shower and some breakfast.

Temps were about 45F. No sun. Heavy clouds. Heavy humidity. No fog but it was murky enough to make you think there was some.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a yogurt and water. During the run I had two bottles of GU Brew. I finished a little more than one by the end. Recovery was oatmeal, eggs, toast, and coffee with a hint of Ensure.

Wore my Petzl MYO RXPheadlamp this morning with a RoadID Firefly light on the back. The headlamp straps rub the tops of my ears a bit so it may be annoying if I had to wear it for a long period of time. I also wore my super-small Large tights which thankfully stayed intact. I wore my Brooks vest, which continues to prove itself as a viable layer in the cold. No iPod this morning as I wanted to go a bit naked.

Aches and Pains:
Not really any to speak of. Had a few small rocks in my shoes but nothing I couldn't ignore. My back is a bit stiff after the run but I think that's just from sitting too damn long at work and not using my log roller.

Codename - Cautiously Optimistic
Rarely am I optimistic. In fact, many consider me pessimistic. In reality, I'm realistically pessimistic about my optimism. As in I plan for the worst while I hope for the best. So as I showered today I felt just the fringes of hope. Just a glimmer of a shadow that there may be happy times ahead. Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows. Maybe I just stood in the hot water too long and cooked my brain.

Outbound - 20:51
Inbound - 20:28
Finish - 41:19

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