Monday, October 29, 2007

What a weekend

Oh, I don't know where to start with this past weekend. I guess this morning (I know, not technically part of the weekend, but I still hadn't made it to work, so that's close enough for me). What happened? Two things. First, we had frost. Which means winter is knocking on our front door. Literally. And second, Yvonne gave me a shower this morning as I was buckling Elizabeth into her seat. Gotta love those early morning spritzes from the window washers!

Moving on to last night, Yvonne and I were watching Cars around 10 when I heard this weird sound in the hallway. At first it sounded like Henry scratching at the carpet or a mouse scratching at the wall. I turned and looked down the hallway and what do I see? Elizabeth laying on the floor. Watching the movie. I do have to give her credit, she was there and I didn't know it. And she comes by her sneakiness honestly (or genetically at least) as Yvonne and I have been known to sneak around a bit ourselves as kids. I used to stuff t-shirts under my door so the light wouldn't show as I stayed up way later than my bedtime to read books. I can't say what Yvonne did as her parents still don't know.

And we heard some sort of creak or pop last night just as we got into bed. Yvonne wanted me to check it out but I said it was just the house making noise. And she was better equipped to investigate a potential intruder. All she would need to do is give them a hug and the Vicks on her chest would knock him out. Don't you want to get with this?

And what else happened. I took Elizabeth to swim class while Yvonne went to the doctor for some meds. Then we all went home, ate lunch, and went to town to shop. Got some groceries, some books (Elizabeth had somehow saved $14 and bought 3 books - and still had money left over), and a few other goodies. Sunday was spent doing laundry and watching the Steelers beat the Bengals. I only watched the first quarter of the Redskins game and got too depressed that the Patriots were winning again.

And I made some home-made salsa (I'll post that later today) and generally tried to keep the house running as Yvonne tried to rest. I did take apart the kitchen faucet last night. It looks like it might be a bad sprayer connection (under the main faucet) so I'll see what I can find at Lowes.

Chocolate making went well Friday night. Again I impressed Yvonne's lady-friends. For those that are not familiar with our particular arrangement at home, I'm usually the one that does the dishes and we both share laundry duty. So when I asked Yvonne if she wanted me to do the dishes or a load of laundry Friday night, there was a bit of ohhing and ahhing. It's nothing special to me. I grew up helping Dad do dishes and laundry (see, only children aren't spoiled). And honestly, I can do dishes faster than Yvonne. But she can cook a hell of a lot better than I can. So I have dinner waiting for me when I get home and I clean up afterwords. It's a good deal in my book. So all you single guys out there looking for a nice lady, make sure you offer to do the dishes on occasion. You might make some brownie points.

But don't offer to do the laundry just yet. She might not want you to see her dirty underwear.

Blah, well that was longer than intended. So stay tuned for my salsa story later today. It's pretty hot!

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Anonymous said...

At least you two weren't watching something else, like something scary - or worse - but now you know, if you hadn't confirmed it before, that you have a little sneak thief in the house. Aaaahhh, I feel so proud of her right now. Nothing like having another rogue bringing new life into the old art.

I used to make fun of my wife's inability to do dishes. I couldn't figure how she wasn't able to get dishes clean, but I always did the dishes and she was a pretty decent cook, so, like your situation, it worked out for the best. I earned what I ate.

I'm glad the weather is moving in, finally feels like fall outside. Reminds me of the days in elementary school when I would be out at recess and it was so cold outside, but sunny, that I'd huddle against the brick wall away from the wind and bask in the sunshine to warm up. I love the feel and smell of those days, so crisp and carefree!

~Epheros Aldor - Apostle of Cale