Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rainbow Fish

I ran across this interesting series of photos. Amazing how some people think three dimensionally .

And of course, here's Elizabeth telling you the story about the Rainbow Fish. Enjoy!


-Melissa- said...

Elizabeth is such a cutie! We love the Rainbow Fish story too. Dax loved watching Elizabeth tell the story. :)

cinda1212 said...

Coop and Kellar love the video, too! I tried several times to post a comment yesterday, but it wouldn't let me. All I wanted to say was HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So... I tried. :)

TK42ONE said...

Melissa - Elizabeth liked watching your boys swim. She now gets in the pool without her life jacket (major progress).

cinda - Thanks for the birthday wishes!

cinda1212 said...

We really need to get together...especially seeing as how Dax, Cooper and Elizabeth (in that order) were all born only 4 months apart. Come to Chicago!!