Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eddie Murphy, Angela Landsbury, and my grandmother

What do these three people have in common? They were all in my dream last night. Ever have one of those nights where your dreams are completely vivid and bizarre? Well, I did last night.

We (I'm using that term loosely as I don't remember who was with me) were riding motorcycles and stopped for a break at a gas station. We saw Eddie Murphy in the crowd and I approached him and asked if he would meet my grandmother (my mom's mom, Grandma Dorothy). I started to cry as I introduced them, trying to explain how important she was to me. Then he started to cry.

Then somehow we jumped to a murder-mystery movie. One that we were in. Not acting in, but living in I guess. Well, we discovered the culprit was none other than Angela Landsbury who was hiding in the bottom of the closet in a secret room behind a special mirror.

As for the rest of my dream, well, I'm not sharing that. Just call me selfish.

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