Thursday, October 25, 2007

Programming line-up

Not to worry, there's a photo at the end of this rant.

So, here's the general list of programs I watch at any given time and how I feel about them.

Chuck is a good action comedy. Nearly as good as Psyche or NCIS, but not quite there yet.

Heroes is awesome. Well, last year was, this year is still working up to that status. I'm sure it will be good, but I still hate that damn kid that can fly (not Nathan, the teenager with Claire).

CSI: Miami
Horatio has a son. A bastard son. Whoopee. Let's work in a serial killer or something. And why can't we have more Speadle?

Still a solid show, but needs a meta plot to mix it up a bit. Haven't seen one of those in awhile.

The Unit
A surprise addition to this year's line-up. Good enough to keep me watching. The only thing I would change is the wives. Ditch them until they start carrying guns and getting in on the missions.

Out of season right now but still a great show.

CSI: New York
Another break-out surprise for this year. There's now an assassin on the loose and the mysterious "333" caller. Are they the same person?

CSI is still the top show, but it's going to lose Gil's girl soon and might not be as exciting. And how can you top the miniature killer from last year?

Both are off the air until January and both are hilariously funny. Monk is very much like me (or vice versa) and Psyche has one of the best casts I've seen in ages. Like M*A*S*H in its later years, but not as many people.
Stargate Atlantis
Another show that's still in my line-up and still plugging along, but it may not survive. Right now I have no other sci-fi show to replace it with so it stays.

Off air at the moment, but by far the best non-fiction show out there. Even better than Mythbusters.

Off air until the World Series is over but I'll watch it if I think about it or if there's nothing else on.

Steelers Football
After last week's loss, I'm not to happy. Hopeful we'll win the game against the Bengals.

And as a reward for hanging in there, here's another photo from the family archives. This is Arthur and Loyd Piester in 1916, standing in front of their parent's new car. Can anyone identify the item on the left? And what's on the right?


Paul Abbamondi said...

But who could kick who's ass more? Man VS. Wild or Survivorman?

TK42ONE said...

While I'm sure Les is a bit of a pacifist and Bear has previous military experience, I'd still vote for Les in a fight. Why?

Because Bear is a FAKE! It's been proven by several sources that he usually spends the night in hotels, shoots his scenes on the side of the road, and fakes his scenarios.

So I'm sure he'd fake an injury durin gthe fight just so he could make his show more interesting.