Friday, September 28, 2012

I did a bad bad thing

Today's run was okay. Not great but not horrible. Generally, just okay. I felt good for parts of it and felt sluggish and lousy for some of it. The worst part of today's run was my moment of weakness a few minutes ago. I was doing great in listening to some sage advice from Tabbystar and lost it. And now I'll be on my best behavior or Royanna H. will make me pay.

Getting started:

Enough vaguely bizarre speeches. On with the show. Had a few hours to kill before work since I'm on the late shift and decided to do my best to recreate my upcoming OC100 race. Starting to freak out a bit about it but I'm doing my best to keep calm. While I have yet to calculate how the elevation compares between the two, I'm confident in my plan for fueling and fluids. I ran by my car and did just a water stop then ran by a second time and acted as if it were a full aid station. So I think it helped me map out my plan a little better for the race. The water stops are about 3 or 4 miles between aid stations with the full aid stations being about every 7 or 8 miles apart. Each loop is 50k so I get 3 full aid stations plus the start/finish area with water stops in between each aid station. I think I can manage. I still need to plan out my drop bags and gear but getting this part down helps.

Two of the three turtles I saw on the run:

The trail was in decent shape. Some sections were nice and clean while others were a bit raggedy. I also ran through one section where they built what looks like a new septic drain field but I didn't open anything to investigate. Ran by a few people using the trail but nothing terribly exciting other than a lady that was very apologetic about her dogs (they didn't do anything except look at me) and two Park Rangers improving the trail.

The beaches:

My first loop was nice and easy. Took me about 5 miles to warm up enough to keep going at a steady pace. I did my best to run the flats and downs and walk the ups. As I got into my second loop (which I ran in reverse) I started having some issues. My stomach was a bit grumpy but the worst of it was the motivation. It just wasn't there. So I plodded along as best as I could manage. As I was running I had it in my mind to do 3 loops (about 24 miles) but I ran out of time so I had to stick with just 2 loops.

Draining the pool:

And that's it. Unless you want to see the pictures. Then you'll need to step over to my blog for those.

Temps started around 65F but jumped to 80F soon enough. Sun was out in full with a light breeze. Humidity was moderate to low.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was water, iced latte, and a single breakfast burrito. During the first loop I had a hydration pack with plain water and a bottle with Hammer Fizz. At the halfway point (about 8 miles), I had my second breakfast burrito and refilled my hydration pack and Hammer Fizz. Turns out, breakfast burritos SUCK as fuel for runs. As I came through about mile 12, I refilled my pack and bottle again. Recovery was water and iced tea followed by, cringe, McDonalds.

Aches and Pains:
My left quad was grumpy again and my right calf was a bit tight in the middle of the run. Knees were grumpy towards the end. At the halfway point I put some RockTape (KT tape) on my right heel. It felt like it was rubbing a bit.

Wore my Salomon hydration pack for the whole thing. Used an Amphipod bottle in the side pocket. Grabbed a rag/towel/bandana for the second loop (it helped wipe the sweat off my head).

Codename - I did a bad bad thing
I'm done now. I have to be. Okay? Okay.

Loop 1 - 2:06:15
Aid Station - 7:49
Loop 2 - 2:03:59
Finish - 4:18:04


Lauren said...

You weren't listening to George Thorogood were you?

Neil Richard said...

No. And sadly I searched for that music video but came up with some other junk instead.