Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thunderin' Thumper

* Please pardon my Sudafed induced daze. I seem to have developed a sniffle yesterday that has developed into a night of only being able to breath through my mouth. Yuck.

I'm back to my crazy post titles. Just don't ask where this one came from because I simply don't remember. Something I thought about posting about last night and, well, that particular thought has escaped me. Probably when I blew my nose.

We had some heavy storms last night. Bad enough to take out the satellite TV. Not that there was anything worth watching, but it figures it would go out right when Chef Gordon Ramsey guest stars on Top Gear. And when I tried to watch Deadwood on DVD, it crapped out too. Nuts.

I'm eagerly awaiting two new toys. The first is my new jump drive (aka USB drive, thumb drive, flash drive, etc.). I had been thinking about replacing my 2GB one when Yvonne got a new 4GB one. Well, that made me start shopping. So I found a nice 8GB one that had solid reviews for a decent price and bookmarked it for later. My bonus came and I decided to splurge for the even better priced 16GB model. It's due to arrive this week. And I'll suffer the color when I have all my family history at hand when I do research.

My other toy is something I've been looking to replace for years. I bought a nice Spyderco Delica ClipIt so long ago, I don't even remember when I bought it. Might have been in college. Maybe before then (I'm sure Yvonne will remember though). Well, years of use and abuse has put several nicks and chips in the blade as well as dulled the serrated edge. So, after a long search of about 30 minutes, I found the perfect replacement. Meet the Spyderco Rescue 79.

Not only does it have the rounded tip to prevent inadvertent stabbing, it also has a serrated blade with a section that is non-serrated. But it gets better. The grip has a whistle. Something that can be used in an emergency or survival situation. AND (it gets even better with this), the grip also has a retractable window punch. This means I don't need to search high and low for a easily portable punch that can be used to break windows (something like this device does).

So, those are the new toys arriving soon. Beyond that, I still need to make some sort of tie-down for the drainage pipes we're running from our gutters. Henry has a tendency to get his chain wrapped around the one in the back and it's a pain to get him untangled.


Paul Abbamondi said...

What's Top Gear and why was Chef Ramsey on it?

Neil Richard said...

Top Gear is one of those awesome BBC shows that can only be seen on quality channels like BBC and YouTube.

Essentially, it's three crazy British guys who get to drive and review cars. They put them through normal and seriously abnormal tests. Overall, it's pretty goofy, but educational too because they really do care about reviewing cars.

Here's the video link:

Anonymous said...

So...uhmm...really don't care about the knife update...what's the BABY scoop?


Neil Richard said...

Cinda - should know more tomorrow, but still no change