Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Challenge-edited-

So, my cousin's wife Melissa, issued a challenge on her blog a few days back asking for anyone that found this particular blog (or post) to post a message.

But I want to take it a bit further.

So here's my challenge:

Simply post your name and where you are (geographically, not emotionally or mentally......unless you really want to).

I'll start.

My name is Neil and I'm either -edited-


Anonymous said...

Well gee.... I thought there would be lots of answers by now.

I live in Sandy Lake, PA.
I dont know how to do that map thingy you did though. Actually, I just dont have time to go figure it out, and I know you know how to get here.


Anonymous said...

I can be found in King George, Virginia at the exact same spot as you. I am usaually in with a delightful little girl I like to call Elizabeth and a pesty dog we call Henry :-)


Anonymous said...

Downers Grove, Illinois. With a pesky dog we call Henri. Oh wait, that's the husband. The dog is Maddie. The kids are Cooper and Kellar. My emotional location is heavily dependant on whether or not there is screaming over the Thomas trains....


-Melissa- said...

Bryson's from McKinney, TX checking in on one of our favorite blogs.