Thursday, August 02, 2007

Doing a jig-edited-

So, the minor news first, so it won't be overshadowed by the big news.

First, I've sent a file to a grad student at the University of Wisconsin to be translated. The letter is one of many that I've obtained that are in Norwegian. I have a friend, Kai, in Norway, but don't want to impose on him too much. So, with a little help from the grad student, I hope to have most if not all of the letters translated. Here's one of the envelopes:

From The Richard E...

Second, I've sent the first 15 pages of my story off to a published author (Jeff VanderMeer) for an edit and critique. This is likely my biggest news and the scariest moment for me right now. Not many people know I've been writing anything, let alone a story. We'll see what happens. And apologies to Epheros, as he's been my right-hand man in writing this story (I'll be sending you more to read when you finish what you have).



Anonymous said...

You know someon named Kai? Cool. If Kellar had been a boy, she would have been Kai. I LOVE that name. She was almost Kaia. Henri wasn't as convinced... but almost. You know my mom's side of the family is Norwegian, right? I also love that in Hawaiian it means Ocean/Sea.


Neil Richard said...

What's funny is I never knew him as Kai until about 2 or 3 years after meeting him online. And no, I never knew your mom's side was Norwegian. Guess I'll need to re-visit the family tree!