Monday, August 06, 2007

A letter from Yvonne

Hello all--

We have gotten several calls and emails about the Fisher Price Toy Recall. I have checked out the site with pictures of all the toys and all the information. Elizabeth does have several of the toys listed, however her toys were not purchased in the time window given by Fisher Price (May 1, 2007 - August 2007). The items she has were purchased prior to those dates. She is safe and so are her toys. She does not currently need any "replacement" toys.

On another note, we have been teaching her how to do some typing by color coding the keyboard for her. She seems to be doing well and really enjoys IMing people. We have been using the desktop computer in the baby's room more this summer even though the camera is not hooked up to it she is still having a blast typing. So if you don't have Windows Live Messenger yet, now is a great time to get it. It is free and Elizabeth would love to IM you. She knows how to look to see if people are signed on and how to tell if they are typing to her.

She is learning her phone number and can almost always tell it to you. We are still working on it everyday. She can tell you the name of her street, but not our house number. She is learning to recognize and name her letters as well as how to make them using sign language. She is able to tell you her full name (and will correct you if you call her something else - as many of you know last summer she called her self Bizzy - she became very upset at one of her friends who called her this yesterday at the pool. She told him my name is Elizabeth Leona Richard. The little guy just turned 2 in June and didn't really know what to make of her comment.) She is also able to tell you the baby's full name and will correct people if they try to shorten it. We are also practicing counting and 1:1 correspondence daily. I have been tutoring a girl going to kindergarten and a girl going to 2nd grade and I think she does better than they do on some of the tasks (like counting). She has great recall of stories we read and just stuff in general. But she loves reading and that makes both mom and dad happy.

She has also been very interested in the two hummingbird feeders we have put up on the porch. She likes to watch them and can't seem to understand why they fight over the food. Honestly it is pretty neat to see them out there. We often get about 12 -15 birds buzzing around at a time. Prior to putting the feeders up, I had no idea how feisty they little birds can be, but now I have learned they are like little dogs -- and will fight it out and make themselves known no matter how big the opposition is. (They continue to fight with the finches that have made a nest in one of my hanging baskets). Neil has put some video of the birds on his web page if you are interested.

Well that is about all for now. Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

That was a great post, Yvonne! Neil, you better be careful, seems your wife has a penchant for fluid and descriptive writing.

That is really cool to to hear what you did with the keyboard for Elizbeth, so does that mean she's going to go to school talking in emoticons and LOL, RAWL, and TTYL?

hehe, anyway, thanks Yvonne for the update. You should take charge of the keyboard a little more often. It's refreshing...


Neil Richard said...

HEH!! You're supposed to be on my side, not hers! "Penchant for fluid and descriptive writing" Posh I say.

And yes, leave it to a teacher to label the keyboard. So far, she types a bit like this "asdjfhakljsdfnhlaksjdflaksjdfh." But we have a translator, so it all works out.

Refreshing....I'll refresh your head if you keep this up Mister "I post replies to another blog before I make a post in mine."

Anonymous said...

We don't have any of the Fisher Price recalled toys, either...but when I was making returns at Target the other day, I noticed that we had THREE of the items shown on their recall wall. All have now been returned/thrown out - with refunds/replacements given. So it's worth the whole hassle of phone calls, mailing, etc.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that someone appreciates my writing:-) I am forced to be descriptive as that is one of the many things students attending school in Virginia are required to learn, so I must set a good example.

To correct my other half Elizabeth can type using words if you are willing to spell them for her and assist her in locating the keys (the main reason for the color coding). She will type random letters when she wants to type fast like mom and dad. I would like to point out that when she types fast, she does use both hands and for the most part keeps her hands on the "home" row, so I am hoping that she will continue to use good keyboarding skills.

I am fairly certain that she will go to school ready for anything. This weekend someone (who works in education) asked me if she would be starting school this fall. They were very impressed with her "skills". Who knows laptops may be required for preschool before long.


Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, sounds like someone needs lessons in sharing. ;-D

You have to admit, Neil, that seeing Yvonne post was different than the norm, so refreshing would be the word. As for giving you a run for your money on writing she has her strengths just as you have yours. And both are very good.

So, if you want to get all upset at sharing the spotlight then by all means have at it. You'll just instill rebellion in Yvonne then and she'll start up her own blog, which, if luck would have it, would become more popular than yours. I learned that lesson long ago about not angering your spouse, she'll show you up and you'll be caught (figuratively) with your pants down - and not in a good way!

Ponder that, my friend!

Take care.


Neil Richard said...

It's a shame my sarcasm and wit just don't come across on my blog. And I'm quite sure her blog would be more successful than mine, she's more interesting than I am. Plus she could share all those embarassing stories about me.

Anonymous said...

I caught the sarcasm, but wanted to play the charade nonetheless. It's more fun to continue the jibe, kind of like putting coals on the fire. It just gets hotter and hotter in the kitchen. ;-D


-Melissa- said...

That is really neat Elizabeth is learning to use a keyboard. I need to let Dax try out the keyboard more often. I am sure Dax will know more about computers then I will in a couple of years.