Thursday, August 16, 2007

Get those stitches ready

Because your side is going to need them.

I've taken the liberty of proving, yet again, that I'm a spaz. But in today's post, you'll see how it's been a condition I've carried since high school.

* for those having trouble reading the poem, here's a transcription:

Oh, Christmas tree,
oh Christmas tree
watch out for the bumble bee.
But don't worry,
he landed on my knee.
And then he stung me.
It hurt so bad I had to pee.
That's when I saw the bee stinging the flea.
That made me very happy.
'Cuz i don't like fleas.
And they don't like me.

But not to worry. In college I got help. I learned that I'm not the only spaz out there. Though she was not as bad as I was, she was pretty close. Her name was Yvonne Rivera.


Anonymous said...

Uh Huh.......


Mom (who is easily amused)

Anonymous said...

That really highlights your artisitc abilities, as well. Wow!


-Melissa- said...

Your blog always puts a smile on my face.:)