Monday, August 01, 2016

Knight Rider - S1 E1 - Knight of the Phoenix

Knight Rider
Season 1
Episode 1
Knight of the Phoenix

The episode starts with a casino espionage scene with somebody other than David Hasselhoff. A shot to the face means the would be hero gets a fresh start with a fresh face. This is also a two-part episode but I've made this a single post since I believe the original release was a single TV movie.


The Car
It can't hit anything. At least when the system is turned on. And it was showing off by passing a truck. The outer shell is a special skin that prevents any damage. It's not metal and not fiberglass. Oh, and it talks. And turns bricks into rubber after they've been thrown at the window. And that one button, it spreads oil. The one next to it is for smoke. But it most certainly does NOT make coffee.

Overheard (from my son William)
"What the heck is all this?" - When Michael gets into the car the first time.

"hahahahaha" - When hearing the Darth Vader's bathroom joke.

"He's not gonna stop!" - When Michael falls asleep at the wheel.

"Whoah that's a flashy car." - When he sees the old school Porsche.

"How's he gonna steal it?" - When the car thieves show up.

"Are they picking the lock?" - When the car thieves show up a second time.

"HO my God!" - When the car makes the jump.

"They'll be in jail for awhile." - When the car thieves get caught.

"How'd they get it all nice and shiny so quickly?" - After KITT breaks Michael out of jail.

The Milwaukee Journal, September 26, 1982 -

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