Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Podcast - Mile 74 - Attachment Error

As I meander down the trail, I get a little down and dirty on inappropriate attachments and inappropriate relationships. I feel bad when these attachments form but I'm learning that the guilt really shouldn't be there. I don't act on these bonds and I don't want them. They're a lot like my negative thoughts and paranoia. Over time, I've gotten better at curbing them (the negative and paranoid thoughts) so these bad bonds are next on my list. Thankfully, they don't happen often and I know that I need to work on this to be a better person.

In other news, I'm still recording shows but seem to be losing steam in posting them. Hopefully I can improve that as well.

Finally, Podbean has officially kicked me off their site. I'm tired of paying them money for a service that SoundCloud can do for free. I'm not made of money and nobody pays me to do this. So until I find a rich uncle that's willing to give me millions, don't expect any major improvements in the show.

You can form an ionic or covalent bond with this episode on SoundCloud.


Lauren said...

Attachment with runners? With dirt? With trees? Too vague for me to understand. Attachment to other runners is not bad (nor is attachment to dirt or trees). I am attached to my running friends. That does not mean there is anything physical between us. It just means that after you spend hours upon hours and hours with someone, you grow attached. But we all have our separate lives and separate families. Who knows? That's probably not what you're talking about. I'm just guessing, perhaps, just reading my own mind. LOL.

Neil Richard said...

It's not the "normal" attachment we feel when we make new friends. This is more like a deep - seeded attachment that makes me feel like I've just met my soul mate. Even though I've never talked to them. Hard to explain. Goes beyond the physical attraction and sometimes even beyond the emotional attraction.