Friday, February 08, 2013

That's a cute.....what is that?

So earlier this week I took my pants off for a dude named Kelley. Kelley Drake is a tough dude that might punch you for thinking he's a girl (I doubt it but you never know). After he got my pants off, he shaved me. then made me lay down while he repeatedly stabbed me.

Now depending on how you read that, you may have assumed I was assaulted or I got a new tattoo. Since I made no mention of the cops, it's pretty safe to assume I did all of this willingly. Even though it hurt like a bitch and two ladies getting tattoos at the same time appeared to take the pain a hell of a lot better than me, I was a good little boy and took my lumps.

I'm sure many of you are wondering what in the world I got or why I got it. Those are easy to answer. As you can see below, it's a porcupine, tree stump, axe, and a butterfly. Elizabeth helped choose the colors for the butterfly but the rest was left up to the artist. I told him generally what I wanted and he did the rest. At first glance the porcupine may look like a hedgehog. And if you're my wife, you can choose to think of it as one. But it isn't. I got the porcupine because I saw one for the first time ever on the Oil Creek 100k race I did last October. Which brings us to the why. I told myself going into the race that if I finished and didn't die, I'd get another tattoo. I hadn't decided on anything specific but ideas began rumbling around in my head after some thinking and this was the general idea of what I wanted. As expected, it came out much better than I imagined. Oh, and the tree stump and axe? It's because my trail name is The Lumberjack. Oh, and yes, the porcupine might look a tad ugly and cartoony and to be honest I wasn't too excited about him at first glance. But every day he's growing on me. He's ugly like me, goofy looking like me, has an odd smirk like me, prickly on the outside and fuzzy underneath like me, fat and slow like me, you get the idea.

In progress:

Full view:

Finished product:

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Lauren said...

Awesome. Love it. So funny that you posted this. Just the other day my husband said that I should touch-up the tattoo on my shoulder. It's now about 30 years old!!! And I started thinking what I should do. It's a rose, and I thought I might add four more flowers to represent my family. Now after seeing your very creative tatt, I'm believe I need to think a little longer for something a bit more creative. :) ps. It doesn't hurt that bad!!! (At least from I remember, but I was just a punk kid when I got mine LOL)