Thursday, February 14, 2013

Horse Shit and Wood Smoke

Woof. This dog is tired. Work is beating the shit out of me. 10 hours here, 12 hours there, I'd rather be running that long just because I know I'll have a reason for sleeping so much.

But enough whinging. I felt tired and slow during the run. My shins were hurting. But I still tried to push it just enough to make it a solid effort. Quality over quantity I guess. My workout "plan" said I needed to do two 1 mile repeats at 10 minute pace. Well, I guess I came close to that. I know my first mile was about 10 minutes but I know my overall pace was pretty even and with a 11:29 average I was clearly over the 10 minute pace mark. Oh well, at least I'm close. Sort of.

Temps were about 45F. Winds were light but noticeable. Sun was out with clear skies.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was waffles, yogurt, and iced coffee. During the run I had half a bottle of plain water, a full bottle of Hammer Fizz, and a Hammer Gel at Mile 2. Recovery was left-overs with Hammer Soy.

Aches and Pains:
My shins were hurting but I'm not sure if that's because of the increased mileage, bad form, or better form.

Took my camera but didn't take any pictures. Instead I enjoyed the smells. Also took my knife.

Codename - Horse Shit and Wood Smoke
On my outbound leg, I got a nice solid whiff of the local horse stalls. And I didn't mind it at all. Not even on my inbound leg. I also got a nice quarter of a mile within a light cloud of wood smoke. Brought back some great memories.

Outbound - 30:24
Inbound - 30:31
Finish - 1:00:55

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