Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two thirds

So my last post from today said I was a third of the way to my workout goal.

This post takes me two-thirds of the way to a "Three for Thursday" posting session.

Can you tell I'm a compulsive counter?

So, I just finished listening to The Protector's War yesterday and finished reading Gentlemen of the Road today and I thought I'd talk a bit about each.

The Protector's War (by S. M. Stirling) is one of many in a series about The Change. Something goes kerplooey in the cosmic scheme of things (actually, it's more around the physics of the compression of gases not generating heat like before) and guns and cars don't work. Yeah. So the world is thrown into this medieval sort of style of living and I'm sure you can guess how some people adapted. Anyway, the series Stirling has written is awesome. One of the best alternate-history books (and series) ever written. If you like that sort of thing, check it out.

Gentlemen of the Road (by Michael Chabon) actually started life as a serialized story in The New Yorker. My previous experience with Chabon is limited to his recent The Yiddish Policemen's Union book, but the same style sticks out here as well. He writes well, is verbose, and tends to put the main pot on pause while he uses a plethora of vocabulary words. So it's a bit hard to get into sometimes, but the story as a whole is good. This one had some plot twists I wasn't expecting, but overall, I enjoyed it. It's also very short (around 200 pages) so it's a quick read.

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