Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's the little moments in life like this that I enjoy being a father and a dad. Watching my little girl dance around and play without a care in the world. Forgetting that an hour ago she was so scared she was shaking. Scared of getting a shot from the dentist. But now dancing and playing. Dancing without a care. Dancing like she's the star of the show.

She dances in the sunshine with the music blaring in the air and the blue rubber of the indoor playground as her backdrop. The ants on the floor search for their morning repast as mine still lingers on my breath. Cars sail by outside like ships in port with their captains rushing to deliver their crew dirtside.

And as with anything good in life, it must come to a premature end. There are other errands to run and trips to make. But I can take solace in knowing my father, my dad, can enjoy the same things later today as she will be playing and dancing here again. A repeat performance for lunch. While I'm sure to miss the moment it happens, I'm sure a smile will cross his face at least once. A smile that will act like the spotlight on the dancing star.

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