Thursday, June 30, 2016

Three's Company - S2 E2 - Jack Looks For A Job

Three's Company
Season 2
Episode 2
Jack Looks For A Job

Jack needs a job but all he can find is a job that requires him to show his butt. So he tries to sell encyclopedias and instead buys a set. In the end, he gets a job in the restaurant industry.

Physical Comedy
Chrissy swinging the straight razor around was classic. But the balloon with shaving cream was even better. The nude model scene was great. Jack dropping his pants, barging in on a female model. Loved it. And Janet blowing in Jack's ear was great too. The contract confetti was funny too but I'm still drawn to the couch being the central source of comedy on the show.

As I started searching for how art impacts STEM, I found a movement to include art in STEM to make it STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. I was hoping to find more information on how science and art coincide and coexist but instead I found STEAM. And not the source of computer games. I know I've seen things before that talk about angles and circles and what-not but can't seem to find them. So what do you think, should STEM because STEAM? How is art related to science?

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Gayle said...

Quilting is an art. Quilters use lots of math to be successful. Measuring, fractions, and geometry are all used constantly. Many quilters dye fabrics, which requires some chemistry.