Thursday, June 16, 2016

Three's Company - S1 E6 - It's Only Money

Three's Company
Season 1
Episode 6
It's Only Money

With their rent money stolen, Jack, Janet, and Chrissy try to avoid Mr. Roper. This is also the end of the first season. The show was a mid-season premier that was picked up for a full season the following fall.

Physical Comedy
  • It's a minor gag but Jack's heavy breathing face is hilarious.
  • Jack jumping into the bathroom like a frog.
  • Jack's "bathing suit."
  • Jack and the banana. You just know something's coming.

When their rent money was stolen, my first thought was just like everybody else, that somebody left the door unlocked. But I quickly began to wonder if somebody picked the lock. It didn't look like there was a deadbolt on the door, so it would have been a simple door knob lock to bypass.

Of course we learn later the lock wasn't picked, but I'm now wondering about new technology being used to bypass old technology. For example, a simple picture of your key could allow somebody to use a 3D printer to print a copy of your key. So has the modern 3D printer made it easier to bypass a simple door lock? Or is picking a lock faster?

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