Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Mixed Bag

Today's run was a mixed bag of sorts. Last night's dinner seems to have caught up to me and my daughter. More than likely it's dessert that got us (fried ice cream). But we survived. She cut her practice short and I cut my run short. But we survived.

I was lucky enough to have my son come along with me this morning. He rode his bike while I ran (and walked). It was pretty slow but still nice to get out and get some stuff done. Of course we experimented with the GoPro. We also ran into a former classmate of mine who's back in the neighborhood taking care of his mom.

And that was about it for our run this morning.

Yesterday's VLOG:

Temps were about 75F. Sky was clear. Wind was light. Humidity was moderate.

Fluids and Fuel:
I ate breakfast before the run. It was two eggs, two slices of toast, two sausage patties, and coffee. During the run I had plain water. Recovery was nothing. That was later followed by half a banana. Then later followed by two prosciutto wraps. And water. And tea. Basically I didn't have lunch. Dinner was tacos with blueberry muffins.

Aches and Pains:
None. But the stomach was grumbly.

Wore shorts and t-shirt.

Loop 1 - 15:41
Checking in on my daughter - 2:48
Loop 2 - 17:35
Finish - 36:05

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