Monday, June 27, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E7 - The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 7
The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii

Magnum guards Sir Algernon Farnsworth, an important member of, oh who am I kidding. Sir Algernon is a dog. Some rich lady owns him. And some Mobster wants him. And Magnum is hired to protect him. Yeah, sounds a little campy and goofy but hey, it's the 1980s. While it's only somewhat related to the plot, we see a new vehicle for Magnum to drive, a GMC Jimmy with the plate ROBIN 3.

Cell Phones
As Magnum discovers he has a tail on the road, he has to stop at a gas station to call TC ask for help. Could have been a lot easier if he had a cell phone. I'm guessing only the Audi has a cell phone and not the Jimmy.

The old man, the "mustache," had a sweet velour/fleece/terry cloth zippered short sleeve jacket. And he wore it with the zipper down and a hat. With shorts. His two younger partners at least wore some fairly nice clothes that could still pass for modern day fashion.

But the kids? Their outfits were totally 70s/80s era styles. The tall tube socks, the flat tennis shoes, and the graphic tees. All classic styles of the era.

Magnum's bell bottoms give a hint of his Navy service. Even though they aren't quite full blown bell bottoms. And the bad guys chasing him through the banana groves reverted back to some typical 80s fashion with their suits. And the marijuana growers have some hideously large sunglasses.

The shorts on Rick at the end are just, wow. Just wow.

Hawaiian Shirt
The Hawaiians wearing Hawaiian shirts were okay and more muted than Magnum's but they still look pretty cool. Magnums shirt though looked pretty decent. This episode's shirt is a call back to the pilot episode. It's a dark shirt with white flowers. It's not as flashy of the red shirts we've seen before but still looks nice.

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