Thursday, June 09, 2016

Three's Company - S1 E5 - Jack The Giant Killer

Three's Company
Season 1
Episode 5
Jack The Giant Killer

Mr. Roper shows he's more of a man than Jack by dealing with a disruptive man at the Regal Beagle. Jack feels emasculated and mopes around the next day. When he finally does make it to the bar to stand up for himself, he gets some unexpected help.

Physical Comedy
  • Janet and Chrissy trying to fix the couch.
  • Jack putting tacks in his mouth and then the girls hitting him with pillows.
  • Jack getting his foot caught under the couch.
  • Jack taking a drink of whiskey.
  • Jack tipping over at the table.

Mr. Roper has a bad tooth, likely a cavity. Which made me think of when I went off to college and began drinking sodas every day. Shortly thereafter, I began getting cavities. A few years later, I learned about "Mt. Dew Mouth" and the impact sodas can have on your teeth. Sadly, I learned at my daughter's expense that juice often has as much sugar as soda.

So is it the acid in the soda that causes the tooth enamel to decay or the sugar or both? I think a science experiment is in order to figure that out.

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