Monday, June 20, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E6 - Never Again...Never Again

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 6
Never Again...Never Again

Magnum fights Nazis! An older couple, Holocaust survivors, try to run from some Nazis. Seriously. Nazis.

Cell Phones
Some sort of tracking device would have helped find Saul, the husband half of the older couple.

The cell phone in the Audi returns! It must be a new Audi since the other one blew up in the last episode. But that's beside the point. Magnum is hounded by the guard dogs on the Masters estate and is forced to call Higgins from the Audi so he can come inside. I'm sure it was quite the gag then and it's still funny now. But the ironic part of it is that nowadays, calling or texting from the driveway with your cell phone is normal.

There could be an argument here that social media solved this case. The photo of the old couple was the break in the case Magnum needed. While the photo was on a wall, it was on the mirror. But still, photos from the past came back to haunt them.

There's fashion galore here as the old couple runs a t-shirt shop that appears to double as a custom tailor. But the tailor's shirt is itself a bit of a nightmare. It looks like a polyester, seer-sucker, wide collar, ugly striped shirt.

And Rick is wearing straight-up 70s red corduroy pants with heeled boots. Or are they shoes? At least his shirt looks nice. Except for those epaulets.

Not a lot of outfit changes in this episode. Which is a little disappointing. But those camo shorts at the end, ouch. Almost makes you want to go back to the jeans.

Hawaiian Shirt
There are none for Magnum. And that makes me sad.

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