Monday, June 13, 2016

Magnum PI - S1 E5 - Skin Deep

Magnum PI
Season 1
Episode 5
Skin Deep

Magnum takes a case investigating the suicide of an actress. Some think it was staged. While he's investigating her death, Magnum has a lot of flash backs to his time in Vietnam. The combination of helicopters, gun shots, and jungle terrain kicks in the PTSD pretty damn heavy. And not just for Magnum either, TC has some flashbacks as well. In the end, they have what I'd guess is about the best discussion about PTSD you can get between two guys that have seen action.

Cell Phones
Well, cell phones could have been great. At least until Magnum jumps from the helicopter into the ocean. Although I suppose a new Samsung Galaxy S7 could survive seeing as it's waterproof. Magnum could have used it earlier in his investigation though as he was researching the actress and her work. Although I doubt she would have put a lot of that material on YouTube.

It has nothing to do with the outfit, but the camera equipment and the actress smoking a cigarette in the opening scene are totally old school. The track pants could be from today but that blouse looks very 1970s.

As an old high school friend, and fellow TV nerd, pointed out a few weeks ago, many of Magnum's outfits feature subtle hints of his former military career. I saw some of it before but never really paid much attention. Well, now I am. We see Magnum wearing a military style webbed belt with one of those buckles that I always thought was cool. Probably because I always wanted to be an Army guy when I was a kid. He also sports a khaki shirt that looks awfully militaristic.

David, played by Ian McShane, is wearing what I can only describe as a woman's shirt. Yes, the buttons are on the right side (as in both the correct side and the opposite of the left side). But the pleating on the chest just looks feminine. It's almost like it's been darted but it's not, it's more of an accordion pleat. Anyway, it just doesn't look right.

Hawaiian Shirt
Right out of the gate we have black shirt with red birds and purple, that's right, purple, palm trees. I'm not a big fan of it. Too dark and a little unsettling on the eyes. However, that red and white shirt behind the bar is awesome.

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